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Office "666" - the mystical clearance

Gray office routine in the past millennium.Today, in the 21st century, many businessmen and entrepreneurs want non-standard, exotic, mysticism and creativity.This is the original and mysterious design studio created the "Egoist" for the office businessman.

Dark tones, subdued lighting, the fire element, solid wood and leather furniture in the office create a fascinating, truly bewitching atmosphere.The interior designers have used unusual decorative ideas and eclectic solutions.The combination of a variety of styles has created a trendy, glowing office where clearly no place for dullness and commonness.

Office mystical design

Office in an extraordinary mystical design

Photo 1 - Office in an extraordinary mystical design

The design office professional studio designers "Egoist" embodied most extraordinary mystical ideas, creative approach applied and implemented creative solutions.The office is decorated in dark brown tones.

original ceiling drywall constructions presented with embedded lights and abstract lighting.Brown walls are de

corated with horizontal metal baseboards around the perimeter, and a variety of textured images.Zone workplace framed vertical massive wooden beams.It is a large dark wood tables and comfortable leather chair.

Slightly exotic interior

Photo 2 - A little exotic interior

To create the effect of demonic housing, designers integrated metal poles in a circle and put a decorative fireplace in the center of the bulb with a bright flame.Instead of this "hellish" circle, place a soft leather sofa and chairs in black, coffee table and white chair massage for rest and relaxation.In the present design, exotic notes, in the form of beautiful green plants, sand motifs and images of scorpions.

In the same mystical spirit decorated and bathroom.The focus is on the bright yellow-hot light, which is achieved by using the ceiling mounted lamps and highlights.In the bathroom is compact place a small toilet, sink, mirror and shelves.The original design twist steel geometric squares reflecting light and a large palm plant, placed in a decorative aquarium stones.

Sauzel bright yellow-hot light

Photo 3 - Sauzel bright yellow-hot light

When designing demonic office, studio designers were guided by his creative imagination, boundless energy and unconventional approach.

photo materials provided by design studio "Egoist»