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The office in Moscow in classic style

's a classic, with its unrivaled taste, naturalness and luxury will always win, even against the backdrop of the most modern trends.Classic is always in fashion.Especially when it comes to interior design.Therefore, when you make the office in Moscow, studio designers "Egoist" using the classic style, which emphasizes stateliness, efficiency and seriousness of its owner.Interior fully reflect the business nature and individuality of the owner of the office.The design is in natural wooden materials, thus, in the office atmosphere of wealth, luxury and comfort.

Luxury office in a classic style

Luxury office with an abundance of wooden flooring

Photo 1 - Luxury office with an abundance of wooden flooring

At registration office in Moscow, the designers used the warm shades of brown and gold.Design feature is the abundance of wood.The walls are decorated with classic wooden paneling and baseboards with a simple gold ornaments.On the walls are covered with small white lights and painting abstractions.

laid on the floor is light brown patterned p

arquet and carpet.The ceiling is decorated with wooden beams art, which, together with exquisite lamps form a work of art.Small square windows are closed light brown plastic blinds.

Office divided into two rooms, connected by a wooden semi-circular arches.The first is directly workplace: a massive wooden table with black leather inserts and classic chairs.Also, the designers have provided a built-in cupboard for books and various documents, a wooden table with curved legs and floor lamps for extra lighting or as a decoration.

Facilities for making guests

Photo 2 - room for receiving guests

second room is a place for taking guests for meetings or discussions and presentations.At the center of the room is the original wooden table surface is designed in the form of a capital X.

table placed near the semicircular comfortable chairs made of black leather with wood trim around the edge.Instead of tables and chairs designers built into the wooden panels a large plasma screen.On top of a wooden surface decorated with artistic textural patterns.Bottom placed under the screen storage boxes necessary things.

photo materials provided by design studio "Egoist»