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The design of the notary office

notary office design is a harmonious blend of style, modernity and practicality.Design studio "Egoist" has developed the project with all the requirements of the owner.The main objective was to create a trusting, gentle atmosphere, where the customer and his customers feel relaxed and tuned to mutually beneficial cooperation.To this end, the designers used in the interior of the notary office flowing lines and compactness modernism minimalism.The design is in soft brown and beige tones.


  • Modern office in brown and beige tones
  • Compact office assistant
  • Minimalist bathroom

Modern office in brown and beige tones

main office designers have proposed to issue in modern style with wooden materials,leather furniture and natural fabrics.On the walls are depicted straight rectangular elements and original floral print.The suspended ceiling mounted modern chandelier.

Modern design office notary office

Photo 1 - Modern design office notary office

main attribute of the cabinet is a large office desk, for which the own

er would receive visitors.Around the table are placed comfortable leather chairs beige color.For storage of various documents, folders and important information in the office has a built-sliding closet.In the office there is nothing superfluous, making the interior is very practical, convenient, and disposal.

Compact office assistant

Practical office assistant

Photo 2 - Practical office assistant

At registration office assistant to designers task was to make it as compact and roomy.Under the office assistant was allocated a relatively small space.With the design of methods and techniques in the office is conveniently located all the necessary furniture: cupboards, cabinets, boxes for documents, office space.

Near cabinet assistant is receiving light.Its minimalist interior presented a convenient beige sofa, that guests do not get bored, and a large round table.Seine decorated with decorative lights and abstract paintings.

Bright and cozy reception

Photo 3 - Bright and cozy reception

Minimalist bathroom

bathroom in a notary's office in the style of minimalism.The walls and floor are lined with ceramic tiles of brown and beige.On one of the walls of the designers put a large mirror.Under it is a small washbasin rounded shape.Toilet has a minimalist form.Interior bathrooms quite spacious and comfortable.

photo materials provided by design studio "Egoist»