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Design project: Italian restaurant in Nikopol

Italy ... And our imagination helpfully draws Mediterranean azure, yellow fields, a lot of greens - all joyful, natural, close to nature.The interior space is characterized by sophistication, elegance, sophistication and at the same time, the use of simple, but quality stuff, dominates the desire for comfort (Italians do not skimp on furnishings and details), preference is given to natural materials, simplicity and elegance, stylish use of expensive accessories,antiques.No wonder Italy - trendsetter.

Choosing the design style of the restaurant, were taken into account and the popularity of ethno - style and specialty food establishments.And designers have created a unique interior with its highlight, style, individuality, which is intended to attract and captivate the hearts of customers.

The design of the restaurant in the Italian style

Photo 1 - Design of the restaurant in the Italian style

for Italian style characterized by the use of natural materials.The basis of the interior can be a masonry "antique", against which comfortably settled

round wooden tables and low chairs comfortable semi-soft with light upholstery.

walls and ceiling light, which is common for Italian interiors.Paul designed a large light tiles combined shades.For the design of the ceiling wooden paneling in the color of the furniture, such an idea visually raises the ceiling, adding the height of the room.A weightless rectangular glass chandeliers coupled with massive wooden slats impart a feeling of lightness, without weighing space.

Laconic bar

Photo 2 - Laconic bar

Entrance and bar area is located on a light wall.They are decorated mostly brown, decorated with "old" brickwork.The bar counter is laconic: glossy countertops, wood carvings at the base and top, spotlights, high comfortable bar stools with backs.

effectively placed under the ceiling illuminated appetizing pictures of dishes from the restaurant menu.Italian restaurant flavor emphasize wine bottles on the shelves - the traditional elements, without which we can not imagine this country, the low wide brick oven for cooking amazing Italian pizza.

scattered light in the restaurant, soft, creating a cozy relaxing atmosphere.In addition to the original chandelier illuminated the room numerous lateral lights in the form of lanterns.

big wide windows decorated with curtains spectacular light pastel shades that give the main lighting for the room.

front door is designed in a typical Italian style - with a combination of wood and glass or plastic.

Soft light in the restaurant creates a relaxing atmosphere

Photo 3 - Soft light in the restaurant creates a relaxing atmosphere

experienced designer will tell you the idea of ​​creating an interior in the style of an Italian street cafe on the waterfront: the usual chandeliers replaces forged in chains with lights - lanterns, duplicate them for wall lights,replace light upholstery to a darker practical color seat covers with textile strings.

perfectly complement the atmosphere of the restaurant paintings of natural coffee.And its refreshing aroma that fills the restaurant, attract visitors, will immerse them in warm, cozy atmosphere for joy and communion.

Natural materials are typical of Italian style

Photo 4 - Natural materials are typical Italian style