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Design Project Cafe "Attic"

Cafe with a unique, inimitable style, ambience and atmosphere will surely attract customers.The idea for the design of the café is inspired by the comfort and the romance of an old attic - the mysterious "Treasure Island" in the old house.What is there just no!Lovely heart vintage little things, which do not throw rises hand, a strange light fragrance, which mingled odors of all there are things creaking wooden floorboards ... there quietly, comfortably, scattered rays of the sun make their way through the cracks in the roof.Such feelings are valued and expensive childhood will satisfy the people who have come in such a cafe.

Great cafe with romantic old attic

Photo 1 - Great cafe with the romance of the old attic

Through imagination, good taste and wit designers was created a unique interior cafe.As we know, lofts were typical wooden houses.This was taken as a basis for the design of the room.Using wooden beams was modified floor space, simulating the side slopes of the roof.They also decorated the ceiling.The walls are decora

ted with wooden beam or a simulated (optional), decorated with many vintage watches, small shelves, black - white photos.

As used vintage wooden interior furnishings

Photo 2 - As an interior used vintage wooden furniture

Along the walls there are vintage wooden tables with solid wooden high-backed chairs, covered with narrow white linen tablecloths.Vintage wooden chest of drawers with carved ornaments, table lamps, spill scattered dim light, emphasize an atmosphere of comfort, tranquility and to communicate a tete - a - tete.

Windows in the form of arches and airplanes from the ceiling for decoration only emphasize the unusual style

Photo 3 - Windows in the form of arches and airplanes from the ceiling for decoration only emphasize the unusual style

Window openings decorated arches.The window is large, misses a lot of light and air.A plywood airplanes, "floating" on the ceiling, highlight a sense of height, it seems that you look at them from the ground, and they seem to be so high and small.For artificial lighting used small ceiling lights.The room is quite spacious, giving tables arranged not only along the walls, but in the middle.The ceiling is a few shades lighter than the floor, so that even the use of wooden beams on the ceiling does not reduce the height of the room.

Around there are antiques, creating the spirit of bygone eras

Photo 4 - and are surrounded by antiques, creating the spirit of bygone eras

The interior used a lot of old things, creating the spirit of a bygone era.This is different in design, but the same type style furniture, and old chests of drawers and cabinets - cupboards, and aged or black - white retro - Photo and battered leather bags and suitcases, and my grandmother's trunk and suitcases, and table lamps with fancy shades,and kerosene lamps in glass and iron bird cages.Along the walls of the ceiling settled shelves for books and magazines, for other cute little things.

The sense of another world: the chests, kerosene lamps, etc.

Photo 5 - The feeling of another world: the chests, kerosene lamps, etc.

В кафе "Чердак" каждый для себя найдет что-то интересное

Photo 6 - Café "Attic" everyone for themselves can find something interesting

Trapezoid transitions between rooms without doors cafes decorated with wooden beams and floors.Front door nice contrast to the warm atmosphere of wooden cafe - gray blue and antique color.

Original trapezoid transitions

Photo 7 - The original trapezoid transitions