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How to make the ceiling in the room with their hands - take into account the characteristics of the premises

Each house or apartment - a small life, and each room - the story of this life.Looking at home, you can learn a lot about his hosts.Shapes, colors, objects - a silent story-tellers.

in the formation of interior design sometimes the ceiling is given the last place, but it is no less eloquent than the walls, floor and furniture.

How unpleasant to look at bad condition, disproportionate or hastily made the ceiling, so pleasant to contemplate let modest but tidy ceiling, behind which there is a lot of work on its transformation.When planning how to make the ceiling in the room with his hands, it is necessary to consider the features that you need to correct or stress.

Photo 1 - cold color of the ceiling makes it above

Photo 1 - cold color of the ceiling makes it above


  • room with a low ceiling
  • room with sloping ceilings ceiling
  • Zoning

room with a low ceiling

Todayday a man has not yet come up with nothing more universal than plaster.It can be used in the low room and the room with high ceilings.Low ceilings, smooth plaste

red and poshpaklevany - the basis not only for the usual whitewash.In vodoemulsionku can add any pigment and paint the ceiling in the desired color.

completing the ceiling in light cool colors or continue finishing the walls to the ceiling, you can achieve the visual effect of increasing the height of the room.The room with the blue ceiling with white clouds, it seems that space is infinite. wet plaster can perform delicate unobtrusive signature. fresco with a view to visually raise the ceiling.

big problem - what kind of finishes to choose a small room if the ceiling height differences amount to more than 5 cm, and can not be plastered.Out - of plasterboard lining is very small frame, suspended ceiling or suspended ceiling rack.

If elected drywall, after putty and primers nothing better to invent and paint it white or at least light in color.If

to deal with tension, it does not black ceiling, and with a bright and desirable gloss.Rack mirrored ceiling is ideal for finishing low bathroom.

Photo 2 - Whitewashed ceiling of the attic

Photo 2 - Whitewashed ceiling attic

room with sloping ceilings

attic and attic - room with a sloping ceiling.Trimmed ceiling beveled a bit more complicated than usual.Loft or attic before the finish must be warm.Choice of finishes depending on the conditions: whether the heated part of the house.

The form the ceiling will follow the shape of the roof slopes, the upper part can be left acute or create a plane with the help of finishing the ceiling parallel to the floor.

Finish attic ceiling requires wooden crates or profile, fastened to the rafters.The ceiling of the attic can be lined with plasterboard, gipsovolokno, plastic, tilt tension ceilings or wood.The last option - the most environmentally friendly and beautiful.For cold attic suitable plastic or cloth suspended ceiling.In addition, the ceiling of the attic look great beams, which can be both real wood and artificial polyurethane.

Photo 3 - The beautiful ceiling with spotlights and central chandelier

Photo 3 - The beautiful ceiling with spotlights and central chandelier

Zoning ceiling

especially rooms that are important to the ceiling arrangement included not only directly overhead characteristics. planning how to make a ceiling can, and even necessary, to consider what and where it will be under the ceiling. Design ceiling can serve as zoning area, the main instruments of which are the shape, color and light.

  • form ceiling structures may repeat or emphasize the form of the flooring, architectural and structural elements.For example, in the house with a ladder-shaped spiral, the ceiling above it may repeat its curl.
  • color zoning can be done with the use of contrasting colors or shades of the same color family, for example, the ceiling in the kitchen above the cooking area can be bright orange, and over the dining area - saturated orange.
  • Zoning using light - the main "attraction" ceilings .Groups spotlights, chandeliers, sconces, LED strip lighting, and other placed in the ceiling in such a way as to highlight parts of the room.For example, in an apartment with a bay window in it can hang a chandelier separate, or in a house with a fireplace can be placed over it a few points of light, repeating its contour.