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Design Cafe in oriental style

How to cafes attractive to visitors, especially trivial?So that one the name speaks for itself, to the interior did not leave anyone indifferent customer?That's right - make a color, the other cultural trends of the country.

Against the background of the traditional Ukrainian culture favorably allocated Oriental traditions, Arabic-- Moroccan motifs.Choosing the right colors, soft sofas and armchairs, low tables, lots of light and bright ethnic ornaments create a truly unique atmosphere of comfort, tranquility, relaxation, recreation for body and soul.


  • first floor - "The heat of the desert»
  • Second floor - "Superb luxury»

first floor - "The heat of the desert»

basic elements of the decor of the first floor are:

  • traditional abundance of light- high ceilings and large windows, draped curtains azure as the sky;
  • wall sunshine, sultry colors, decorated with ornamental panels with ethnic ornaments;
  • comfortable sofas with lots of bright little pillows;
  • rich natural colors;
  • natural materials, fabrics;
  • pointed patterns in the form of arches decorating a variety of surfaces.
Attractive cafe in eastern traditions

Photo 1 - Attractive cafe in eastern traditions

But despite the comfort, the interior is inherent and a certain minimalism - the number of ornaments and furniture is limited, used only the most necessary for comfort.

subdued lighting in the restaurant, and forged wall lights and elegant lamps on the tables of visitors are immersed in the atmosphere of fairy tales One Thousand and One Nights.The traditional element is the hookah.

interior breathes golden heat of the East, and the blue curtains and high ceilings create a feeling of natural coolness.

Arabic-Moroccan motifs create a unique atmosphere in the interior

Photo 2 - The Arab-Moroccan motifs create a unique atmosphere in the interior

In the modern interior without doors - no way.But they, with a light hand designer, has become one of the highlights - they are disguised as a traditional niche for the Eastern peoples.The walls are decorated with colorful painted clay plates and decorative mirrors, reflecting light.The room is decorated with traditional ornament painted weightless column.

Clay painted plates and traditional ornament - great decor

Photo 3 - Clay painted plates and traditional ornament - great decor

On the second floor staircase, decorated with natural wood decorated with delicate wrought pattern under the railing.

Second floor - "Superb luxury»

Here, on the second floor, it seems that you come from the hot streets in the cool oriental luxury homes.Wallpapers passionate scarlet balanced dark hardwood floors.Richly looks abundance of gilding on the walls, which enhances the radiance of light wall lights, fringed on the ceiling in decoration items.Drawing on the walls of the arch delicate flowers nice contrast with the intense color of gold-plated walls.

Painted arches and gilding on the walls create a rich experience

Photo 4 - Painted arches and gilding on the walls create the impression of a rich

in gentle colors upholstery is made of soft comfortable sofas, decorated with brushes, pads, fringe.None meter free space remains untapped - corner of the room is decorated with luxurious corner sofa cloth, purple beneficial shielding panel.With the high ceiling you gently lowered a mysterious oriental pattern, do not strain, abstract, elegant.

Soft comfortable sofas in oriental style

Photo 5 - Soft comfortable sofas in oriental style

Well!Now includes oriental music, light the incense in the censer, diminish the sound of the TV and enjoy a relaxing holiday and unforgettable atmosphere of the restaurant!