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Design of ceilings.

Design ceiling, especially if you decide to build a roof over your head with your hands, it is responsible and serious.And you need to approach it thoroughly.In the end, this is the place where you look, asleep or in deep thought.Therefore, an integral part of the design of an interior of apartment must be done at a high level.

Conceiving an original modern design of the ceiling, it is important not to forget that the ceiling - not a separate element, and should be in harmony with the overall style.Online you can easily find all kinds of projects in the ceilings, even the most refined taste.You can take note of the finished version, if it suits you, or spy interesting solutions and partly to use them.

Photo 1 - Design of the ceiling in the office

Photo 1 - Design of the ceiling in the office

Depending on the purpose of the room, you can use a variety of types of decoration and ceiling materials.Widest choice of those who became happy owner of the apartment with high ceilings.They will have a lot more room for imagination, because in th

is case you can use any method of finishing and decoration.

Everything will depend on the imagination of the owner, its financial capacity and the chosen direction in design.It may be trite whitewashed ceiling or painting, wallpapering, or a great many species of suspension and tension structures (plasterboard, PVC film, plastic, metal strips, even of wood, etc.).

Plaster ceilings, for example, represent an immense field of action - approached creatively, can be stacked to build the original design of the drywall, combined with tension elements to play with light.

Although usual strict whitewash can be a variety of decorative stucco decor.Owners of low ceilings will choose a bit more complicated because not every design will blend well and not too low, and so lower the ceiling.But in this case, there are chances to make a unique design.

Main, what should be remembered - the harmony.The design and materials must be appropriate to the style of your choice.

example, glossy stretch ceiling will look rather strange with the baroque rest of the room.

Ideally, have just started to repair, you have to have a whole imagine that the walk to get to the exit.The modern style of the ceiling allows the use of modern materials, bright colors, unusual lighting design.

And if you're a fan of ancient and austerity, you have to like the classic design of ceilings - natural materials, an abundance of elegant moldings, mandatory chandelier in the center.In the best tradition of British peers living.True, the furniture and the rest of the interior must match.

Photo 2 - Beamed ceiling

Photo 2 - Beamed ceiling

If you are an admirer of originality, you will accept all kinds of constructions drywall, ceilings combined (sharing as drywall and tensioning elements), lighting effects (the effect of soaring ceiling, starry sky).Also, we can not ignore the design sloping ceilings ( suspended ceiling is made so that it seems as if the ceiling in the room is bent at an angle, such a move will not only make the room an unusual and original, but also help to hide the communication ).Yes, and sloping ceilings - a common occurrence in the attic.

Design ceiling attic floor, however, due to the plane of the roof itself.If the ceiling is not high on your attic, designed it in bright colors.If you want to achieve a sense of comfort and farmhouse, you can sew up the ceiling lining or laminates with the corresponding pattern.

By the way, if we talk about the advantages of suspended structures over conventional ceiling Painting or wallpapering, it should be noted that the suspended ceilings, and does not require time-consuming preparation of the surface and give a lot more opportunities to hide communication systems, ventilation,as well as variations in the lighting system.

While the first option would be the only one chandelier and wall sconces (or floor lamps), the overhead structures can be played with lighting to taste.

Use it to visually raise or lower the ceiling, zoned room to make lamps, in the end, an interesting part of the decor.

Photo 3 - Rack ceiling

Photo 3 - Rack and pinion ceiling

For cafes or office, according to SNIP, put high ceilings as for public buildings.Café, depending on the style are appropriate ceilings, plasterboard ceilings and wood-paneled (if country-style cafes, the decorative beams not only hide the wires, but also perfectly complement the design).

in familiar office suspended plastic ceiling.

They are unpretentious in care, as well as easy to give access to the hidden communications, you just make out the desired area of ​​the ceiling.In the office, of course, be inappropriate as the stucco and decorative beams or playful tiers of the drywall.

In the country especially harmoniously will look wooden ceiling (sheathed clapboard or floorboard) or above exposed beams.However, all this for the village design.In the country, if it does not place a long stay, it is better to lay such ceilings that do not need constant care and maintenance.

Photo 4 - Soaring ceilings

Photo 4 - Soaring ceilings

In the kitchen, bathroom and recommend doing a rack plastic ceilings.They are often resistant to temperature and humidity, do not allow appear fungus, fireproof.

However, what would come for the Hall?When word of the hall for some reason just seems spacious, elegant lobby of the manor.Here in this hall would be very out of place went coffered ceiling (in fact, it is a symmetrical square, rectangular or polygonal recess in the ceiling of the cell-surface).

However, the cost of such a ceiling is very expensive.But if you do not have a hall of a castle lord, but it is a normal room in an apartment, it would be a good solution as the ceiling plasterboard or tension, and combinations thereof.

only note that job with tension ceilings is better to entrust the professionals, because the stretched film is vulnerable to mechanical damage.But with the designs of the drywall you will be able to cope on their own.

In any case, the chosen design of the ceiling should bring you joy, because then you just live with it.

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Photo 5 - Design ceiling in the lobby

Photo 5 - Design ceiling in the lobby

Photo 6 - Design ceiling in the lobby

Photo 6 - Design ceiling in the lobby