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The ceiling of the GCR.

ceiling GCR - beautiful space for creativity and imagination.In today's construction industry gypsum board - this is one of the most fertile material that can be used to transform the apartment.Because it makes all kinds of niches, shelves, and other falshsteny.

But back yet to the ceiling.If you wish, you can make not only simple in its form geometric designs, but also more complex in execution elements such as clouds, sun, fairytale castle.


  • undeniable plus plasterboard ceiling
  • Disadvantages of cardboard-gypsum ceiling
  • Installation GCR ceiling
  • ceiling of GCR.Price

undeniable plus plasterboard ceiling

  • You do not need to carefully prepare the surface of the ceiling
  • can easily hide the ventilation system, communication pipe
  • Even uneven ceiling can be turned into a perfectly flat surface
  • You can play with the lighting design (in suspended ceilings can be mounted spotlights, while as a concrete ceiling such focus will not pass)
  • You have a lot of design opt
    ions - from simple single-level ceiling structures to false nichesand multiple levels, a complex system of placement of fixtures.
  • possibility of sound and thermal insulation (it is suitable especially if a fragile old woman prefers to listen on top of the TV at full volume at night).
Figure 1 - Diagram of the frame for a false ceiling

Figure 1 - Diagram of the frame for a false ceiling

Disadvantages of cardboard-gypsum ceiling

However, the disadvantages of this type of ceiling is also not deprived, unfortunately:

  • Firstly, you will have at leasta few centimeters lower ceiling (5 to 15 cm).If you have a low ceiling, it will cause some discomfort.
  • you can not cope without the gun and screwdriver, and without a partner.Single installation can only be done with the pump over abilities and to lift the sheets GCR (and it is too expensive).
  • When inept finishing at the junction of sheets in the future may cause cracks.

Installation GCR ceiling

Let us, in fact, the case.Consider how to perform installation on the ceiling of the GCR.In principle, if at least the basic repair skills, you will be able to do the installation, and with his own hands.Especially if you do a simple single-level ceiling.

Before purchasing materials you will need to make a calculation of the necessary quantity.If you do not want to delve into the digital jungle, the network can find dozens of online calculators that will help you.As to

GCR sheets, they may vary in thickness (10.0 to 12.5 mm) and length (from 2500 to 3000 mm), but their width is the same (1200 mm).The unit ceiling of plasterboard is, in fact, consists of a metal frame and plasterboard sheets, which are fastened to it with screws.

Photo 1 - Multilevel ceiling

Photo 1 - Multilevel ceiling

Conditionally installation can be divided into 4 stages:

  • layout for frame
  • Mounting profiles
  • Anchoring sheets of drywall to the frame
  • The final finishing work

Determine how many centimeters you can sacrifice the future of the ceiling (minimum is 5 cm to fit spotlights).Then use the level layout make for clarity, "repulsed" its shnurootbivayuschim device.

Along the perimeter of the guide screw profile, and then proceed with the installation of ceiling profiles.

As a result, you should get a wireframe mesh with cells in 60x60 cm. The frame is held by a hangers.

Once your frame is completed with a partner can begin installation of sheets of drywall.The material is fragile, so try not to drop it.Attach the sheets to Profile screws for metal joint to joint.

For best results, close the junction reinforcement tape.

When you mount the plates, proceed to putty ceiling to make it perfectly flat surface.That is, if you decide to stay in the single-level ceiling.Ate you want to do figured in several levels, in any case, it will be easier to install additional designs on the finished first level.

Photo 2 - Installation frame for a false ceiling

Photo 2 - Installation frame for suspended ceiling

We now consider as you make the dismantling of the suspended ceiling.Start with the ceiling moldings.Then remove all the ceiling lights, and do not forget to insulate the ends of the wires.Remove any decorative coating.If there is, remove from the joints of reinforcing mesh sheets.

Reaching the hidden screws, unscrew them carefully.With the help of his partner, remove the sheets GCR released.Now for the ceiling profile.If you plan to again make a false ceiling, the profile of securing the walls, you can leave.

ceiling of GCR.Price

What will it cost your wallet a decision to make the ceiling of the GCR?Price will vary depending on the region you live, on themselves if you perform repair or invoke specially trained people and the chosen materials.

As for the cost of the works themselves, in Kiev for 1 sq.m.take 50-80 USD, in Moscow - from 420 rubles.

According to the materials, from the most costly.Conventional sheets of drywall Knauf cost from 190 rubles.Unit in Moscow, from 45 UAH.per unit in Kiev.

Profiles average of 13-15 USD per unit in Kiev, and 30 rubles.Unit in Moscow.

Photo 3 - The framework for a suspended ceiling, covered with plasterboard

Photo 3 - The framework for a suspended ceiling, covered with plasterboard

Photo 4 - Combined ceiling

Photo 4 - Combined ceiling