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Circle metal: the convenience of aluminum ceilings

Suspended ceilings are common throughout the world due to its functionality and ease of use.But we gained special popularity suspended ceilings made of aluminum - lightweight and beautiful, installation is fast, but compared with other types of suspension systems are quite expensive.Therefore, if you are thinking about installing these ceilings in your home or office, first to get more information about them, before you get the purse.


  • types of aluminum ceilings
  • The good aluminum ceilings?
  • importance of choosing
  • Properties suspended ceilings Cesal
    • Purse
  • Properties suspended ceilings "Bard»
    • Purse
  • installation of aluminum ceilings with their hands
  • installation of aluminum ceilings: VIDEO

types of aluminum ceilings

Suspended aluminum ceilings are divided into two main types - rack and cassette.They differ from each other geometrical parameters of the lining, and a person who is unfamiliar with the system of suspended ceiling systems, to distinguish them quite easi


suspended ceilings in between the panels (slats) are narrow gaps. They can be closed with special inserts or remain open - depending on your desires and conditions of the ceiling.

Photo 1 - Rack-ceiling curved rails: comfortable, beautiful, easy to care for

Photo 1 - Rack-ceiling curved rails: comfortable, beautiful, easy to care for

Cassette, or closed suspended aluminum ceilings form a continuous surface without gaps between the panels.When using the profile rails, the surface turns a finned, and when you install gapless slats - flat and smooth.

as cluster and Pinion aluminum ceilings have a wide range of colors - from white to black.Standing popular ceiling with a smooth surface or a metallic effect - gold, silver, chrome.

Photo 2 - The feature coffered ceiling that no gaps between panels not allow to accumulate dirt and dust

Photo 2 - feature coffered ceiling that no gaps between panels not allow to accumulate dirt and dust

The good aluminum ceilings?

Aluminium - the metal is very lightweight, environmentally friendly, does not emit harmful substances, even under strong heating.Therefore ceilings it can be installed even in children and medical institutions.

Aluminium is resistant to corrosion, moisture and corrosive environments.Suspended aluminum ceiling practically no aging, so year after year looking like new.

One of the main advantages of aluminum ceilings - ease of assembly and disassembly.They may be partially dismantled to get to located in the ceiling space wiring or cable internet.After removing the strips or tape as easily set in place without loss of functional or decorative properties.

importance of choosing

The market operates many companies producing aluminum ceilings.Among the suspended ceilings would like to mention two products of Russian producers of suspended ceiling systems: Bard and Cesal.The ceilings of both companies are easy to assemble, quality and a fair price.

Properties suspended ceilings Cesal

Popularity ceilings Cesal provided by their affordable price and ease of installation, which in a short time you can create a beautiful and practical ceiling.The company offers to set their ceilings in these rooms like:

  • residential apartments and houses;
  • offices;
  • children's centers, hospitals and other medical institutions;
  • exhibition and trade halls, pavilions;
  • stations and airports.

As for the design, the choice of decors ceilings Cesal, different in color and texture, allows you to choose the option that is easy to fit into almost any interior.However, the appearance of suspended ceilings peculiar.They look appropriate in the bathrooms and toilets, corridors and kitchens.The offices of the installation is also practiced.But in the bedroom or living room a ceiling will not look out of place.

Photo 3 - The ceiling of the company Cesal very practical, and easily blends with any room design

Photo 3 - The ceiling of the company Cesal very practical, and easily blends with any room design

Cesal Ceiling structure includes a plate rack and suspension system.Design ceiling, mainly it depends on the type of slats precisely.They may have:

  • different widths (from 50 to 200 mm);
  • perforated or smooth surface;
  • different color.

Reiki is made of high quality aluminum and are covered with a durable layer of dye, which protects the metal from oxidation, even in rooms with very high humidity.


Pricing Policy Cesal very democratic: from $ 3 / MP.But the company is not recommended that ceilings are installed on their own, and to entrust their installation professionals.So prepare for additional embezzlement.

Properties suspended ceilings "Bard»

«Bard" - one of the most purchased brand aluminum ceilings in the domestic market.At home, suspended ceilings "Bard" is used mainly in the hallways, kitchens and bathrooms.Because of its resistance to moisture panel do not respond to vapor and condensation, easy to care for them, using any household cleaners.

therefore suspended ceilings "Bard" kitchen - ideal where fat accumulates on the ceiling of the cooking and combustion gas.But in addition to the house, suspended ceilings "Bard" is widely used in gyms and swimming pools, hospitals and offices.

Suspended rack ceilings "Bard" hide the irregularities of the original floors, allow you to organize the space of the built-in zapotolochnoe communication suitable for all types of lamps.Easy mounting system provides easy installation, and if necessary, removing - as one of the elements, and the entire ceiling structure.

Photo 4 - Rack and pinion ceiling "Bard" can become an ornament to any room

Photo 4 - Rack and pinion ceiling "Bard" can decorate any room

design ceilings "Bard" is made up of panels and profiles interpanel harness, fastened to the soffit.Panels and interpanel inserts are made of aluminum and are water-resistant pyleootalkivayuschee coating protects the product from external influences and gives them a decorative look.

Suspension System includes a metal rails and hangers, leveling uneven floors and allow to realize projects of multi-level ceilings.


Prices for the products of the company "Bard" floating: you can buy slats from $ 2 / rm., And much more expensive, from $ 4 / MP.

installation of aluminum ceilings with their hands

aluminum ceiling systems are easy to build.Anyone who knows how to handle a screwdriver and hammer, can carry out the installation of an aluminum ceiling with his hands.

Step One: check kit aluminum ceiling integrity.This is very important because the ceilings are issued a variety of domestic and foreign manufacturers.Their products are of the size and profile strips (tapes), as well as the configuration of suspended scaffolds.Therefore, you should buy complete sets of products, and not to collect the ceiling of the different components.

Step Two: determine the height of the ceiling of the future.This is the most important step, since it is necessary to withstand the horizontal level.Determine the height of the ceiling of the future, set along the perimeter angle profiles, securing it every 50-60cm. Screws with dowels.

Step Three: ceiling installation.Video instruction below will help you to deal with the installation of the simplest single-level grid.

IMPORTANT!When assembles aluminum ceiling with his hands, it is necessary to make sure that when working without violating the integrity of the finishing layer ceiling panels.Scratches and scrapes significantly worsen the appearance of your ceiling.

installation of aluminum ceilings: VIDEO

There are many ways to finish ceilings, all of them have their advantages as well as disadvantages.And the high cost of aluminum structures in their background does not seem so significant.Modern design, beauty, durability and quality - precisely those criteria that allow you to not regret spent on the aluminum ceiling means.