Steel doors of the "Pharaoh" and "Toreks" - the European quality finishing in wood.

For some, the choice of the theme of the front door is a purely practical - the main thing is not to muzzle, was safely and without unnecessary glamor, for someone is a way of asserting status.Some people prefer "vandalism" powder coating, while others put the carved MDF panels or an array of wood ... Anyway, this question has a lot of solutions.But one should understand all thoughtful homeowners - to approach this case it is necessary to responsibly, taking into account the reserve for the years ahead.

Italian metal entrance door

In today's market you can find the different products - Chinese, Russian, Israeli, a whole bunch of well-known European brands, and not corporations.Worldwide popular, for example, the Italian metal entrance door and seems logical to take an example from the European market leader.As one of the most vivid sample can be taken Torex company and its products.In recent years, the share of Russian products on the market is growing as increased and the quality of work.Only plus

for our company is increasing the overall staff development, the use of high-quality equipment (as a rule - the import, it should be noted), and often follow borrowed, time-tested foreign practice.Italian metal entrance doors have a number of features: both technical and decoration.A number of firms prefers European approach, contrasting the Russian engineering complex and "navsegdashney" installation speed and lower cost power.Homeowners are based on the calculation of the price and practicality, but one can always be sure of: installing door Toreks - product catalog from the manufacturer is very wide and constantly updated - you can count on the quality of European level.

Entrance doors wood

bare metal blade at the entrance of the residential apartment does not look too friendly, not at home: a simple painted metal suitable for factories, warehouses, buildings of various levels, but not for an apartment or cottage.For a long time the warmth and comfort surrounded the tree has been granted, and today it remains a popular material in the construction.Entrance doors under a tree for reasons of practicality and economy are often made of other materials, not of pure array, but it does not indicate any unequivocal disadvantages compared to natural wood.For example, the already mentioned Italian manufacturers are often used as veneer coverings for fabric, effectively combining the natural beauty of wood and the power, reliability, steel sheet and ribs.Complementing the design of multi-layer composite insulation made of mineral wool, polyurethane foam, izolona and other materials, manufacturers can provide reliable protection from cold, drafts, noise.In addition to the veneer on the CIS market is also common to use mikrodrevesnoy fiber (MDF), a material based on finely ground sawdust and non-toxic impregnation, which is easily handled and can give the impression of an expensive coat, without departing from the mid-market.

entrance doors "Pharaoh»

well-known center for the production of finished construction products in Russia is a Yoshkar-Ola.Many major manufacturers have their factories here, letting the doors wood, powder coated, easy and proven leatherette, in a word - all the variations that consistently combines quality and accessibility at an adequate price.A good example is the entrance door "Pharaoh" - available product with a classic look and a variety of assortment that is both unique and not excessively diversified.Entrance doors "Pharaoh" better than many others cope with balance of price, durability and reliability.Of course, there is no any ideal, the best door, but for its price range, these products perfectly fulfills its function.