Install interior doors

Appearance best interior door can be hopelessly spoiled her improper installation.If the door is not included in the gap, creaks or hurt nearby objects and frames - in this pleasant little show.Because installing interior door requires careful and professional approach.

If you purchased a door made of wood, do not rush to install it immediately after purchase. Let it stand up for several days in a room and adapts to its microclimate.At this time, you can do the dismantling of the old door.

next step is the most crucial - is necessary to cut the mounting hardware.The accuracy of this action will depend on the ease of rotation of the door, and to a large extent and longevity of its operation.If you want the door do not fail for years to come, buy steel hinges.In this case, you will not face the problem of sagging fabric or irritating the ear scratch.Crashing loop, you use a level to make sure the parallel arrangement of the loops - depends on how easily and precisely your door will be closed.

Next, you need to hang a wooden interior door to the prepared accessories.After painting navesheno, be sure to check whether there is bias, and how free the door closes.Install additional spacers zapente box.This will provide additional insulation of your room.After 12 hours the spacer can be removed, excess of foam cut with a knife.The final touch - setting casings.Their presence not only refines the appearance of the door, but also helps to hide the shortcomings.

If you need the door to a wide opening is likely to be your choice will double swing door.In this case it is necessary to know that the double interior doors require a more rigorous approach to installing, because both leaf should ideally coincide with each other.If you are installing the door the first time, it is better not to take risks and trust matter in the hands of professionals.