Doors for bathroom and toilet: how to choose and how to install the bathroom door (photo)

Bathroom and toilet are often strikingly different from the rest of the decoration of rooms.This is primarily due to the constant high humidity in these premises.That is why, when it comes time to decide how to choose a door to the bathroom and toilet, many get lost in the variety of offerings.But, in spite of the features of the premises for which they are intended, the special requirements and specifications for them there.The first door should be sufficiently water-resistant, and fit the overall finish and like owners.But to avoid unnecessary distress and unnecessary costs should take into account a few simple details.

Doors to the bathroom and toilet: glass, sliding, plastic, water-resistant, made of PVC;which put the door to the bathroom?

first condition to be reckoned with, choosing a door to the toilet and bathroom - moisture.It should be noted that with proper ventilation can be used in almost all modern materials.If you list them in the degree of moisture resistance and durability, the m

ost reliable can be considered a glass door to the bathroom.Glass completely terrible humidity and temperature drop, it does not require additional finishing and care, and in modern interiors looked just gorgeous.Today's technology has made this stuff is so strong that even a break and chipped it to the domestic environment is almost impossible.Unfortunately, these models do not always perfectly fit into the standard finish of flats and they are quite expensive.

Second in durability and leading inPopularity can be called - plastic door to the bathroom.They also do not need further finishing or care, easy to clean, including with the use of household chemicals, are not afraid of water and good withstand high temperatures.The only significant disadvantage of this material - some limitations of color and texture solutions.

Third place belongs to the classics - the wooden doors to the bathroom Photo of such models can be found on our website.In general, the competent handling and timely care of the tree will serve faithfully for decades.Well, the beauty and variety of solutions of this material is unnecessary.

most affordable, but less durable laminated doors to the bathroom, as well as chipboard and MDF.In fairness it should be noted immediately that such models with sufficient ventilation, do not lose the appearance of more than 10 years.When they pleased encouraging democratic prices and a huge variety of designs.

only exception, which is not recommended for installation are veneered doors to the bathroom.Under the influence of the hot moist air veneer can simply peel off.But thanks to modern protective material can extend their lifespan.

If we talk about the design decisions heremay be hinged and sliding doors to the bathroom.The first option is durable, reliable, but takes up space that in a small area, like bathrooms and corridors can be very uncomfortable.Sliding model can save space, but lose in reliability design and sound insulation.In recent years become increasingly popular folding door to the bathroom.In contrast to the usual "bellows", they are usually made of only two slats, which allows you to keep the strength and stiffness of the whole structure.Its characteristics are close to sliding, but require much less space for folding the fabric.

Installation of doors in the bathroom and toilet: a sample size and width have the bathroom door?

Installation of doors in the bathroom on the technology is no different from the usual interior.All the differences and nuances are directly connected only with the peculiarities of the dimensions as the openings and the wall.

To eliminate flooding of residential rooms in the toilet and bath is usually set high enough nut.As a result of the lower edge of the door leaf bath is usually 10 centimeters higher than the entrance and interior.But, as a doorway to the model homes is not as high, this difference visually concealed.If you choose all the paintings of the same height, then before you put the door to the bathroom, you will have to increase the doorway.But these works are not always acceptable, and the whole complex, both in design and in performance.Or, if the gap can not be dismantled, it is necessary to shorten the canvas, which is also quite difficult and always affects the quality and appearance of the finished result.

Another point to be considered - the width of the door frame.Often the thickness of the walls in the apartments in the bathroom and the bathroom is only 50 mm.To box does not protrude beyond the wall, its thickness and must not exceed the dimensions of the wall in the 1-1.5 cm.This difference can hide the interior materials and trims.Otherwise it is necessary to saw off the box, which will certainly have a negative impact on its appearance, and often for durability.

recommendations for selecting and installing

What best materials and dimensions for the door to the bathroom?

door to the bathroom is different sizes.Usually in the bathroom left an opening 70 cm, 10 cm box covers, fabric width of 60 cm and a height of 2.0 m. These dimensions are ergonomic and allow to preserve the useful area.Overall plumbing must be installed before the installation of doors.

To combined bathroom, where one door, you can install sliding system, but it must be provided with a gasket on the perimeter to the canvas tight to the opening.The typical small rooms is better to install wing doors.

doors for the bathroom and toilet should be water-resistant: made of plastic, laminated MDF, glass, metal and plastic are sometimes made of solid wood, and are not afraid of exposure to chemical and biological environment, tolerates high humidity.Swing the door to the bathroom blind

Are there any rules for installation of doors in a bathroom?

When installing the door to the bathroom and toilet, the main rule, which dictates the fire regulations - they have to be opened into the hallway and not inside the room.Very important is the fact that out of the toilet can not be directly into the kitchen or living room, so if you make alterations, be sure to think over, which will be opening.

in old houses ventilation is poor, so before you put the door to the bathroom and toilet, try painting, between him and the floor should be a gap of 15-30 mm, this measure will provide ventilation of the room.

accessories must be high quality, better to put hidden hinges and handles must be fitted with a padlock.The required dimensions for setting the bathroom door

Practical to install sliding doors?

sliding doors to the bathroom and toilet saves space, and the passage is always free.But serial tenements partition the room is narrow, and the installation of the sliding leaf is only possible in combination bathroom.To separate rooms when it is necessary to install 2 doors, falshstenu need to do with the niche, where and will call in the second wing.

sliding doors should not be installed in the toilet and in rooms that are poorly ventilated, so the installation of such a system will require more and assembly drawing with forced ventilation.

to install sliding system is required to align the wall, especially vertically to the canvas did not fail and do not fly out of the grooves.The optimum leaf width of 60-90 cm, wider doors is not recommended, as they get very heavy.Single-leaf sliding door for the bathroom

How to choose a door to the bathroom?

To understand which door to choose for a bathroom and toilet, first of all it is necessary to pay attention to the aesthetics of the web.After all, the door to the bathroom normally go into the hallway, where there are already decorated openings, so they must be the same design.Very aesthetic look with decorative fabric or glass inserts.And besides that, the glass transmits light, which makes the bathroom, usually without windows, not so dark.

Of course, the doors must be chosen not only for aesthetics, but also practical, well wash, do not fear the abrasive household chemicals, tolerates damp and the temperature difference.

The bathroom doors should fit tightly to keep warm and out of the toilet should not miss the smells, so it is recommended to give preference to plowing.Swing door in the bathroom

How to install the door in the bathroom?

Before installing the bathroom door, the opening must be clean-treated along the perimeter (other than sex) waterproofed.The easiest way - self-adhesive mounting tape difuzionnoy.The size of the opening on the floor collect box, try the place.

Put the box on the floor and put into the fabric, schedule and make a loop sample, screw them disconnect, pull it off the pin.

Again, set the box in the opening, check the geometry of the level and vertical plumb line, strengthen wedges.Hang the fabric, if the design is tipped, line wedges, fill the gap with foam.The cloth should not be opened until its complete drying, about an hour.

Schedule, where there will be a pen, make a hole, insert fittings, then you can punch tab and strikers in the box.If necessary, opening to decorate, make Dobor and hook frames, washed down on them at 45 ° miter box.They are fixed with thin nails.Structural elements of the door to the bathroom

Should I install plastic doors?

Plastic doors on all its characteristics - ideal for installation in the bathroom.PVC are classic swing and folding doors: Book a harmonica.And in addition, now there are models in different colors, with curly infill and beautiful glass inserts, can be matched to any interior style, so that plastic doors - bath version of almost universal.

cost of these doors is lower than that of glass or wood, and aesthetics, they are not inferior to competitors.They can be cleaned with household cleaning, brush fine abrasive, moisture resistance and they do not support the development of the fungus, which is the determining criterion for rooms with difficult climate.Plastic doors for the bathroom

What models of glass doors for better toilets?

Glass doors for bathroom and toilet are made of special hardened, highly durable glass.The price for them is high, but this is offset by a long service life and usability of the web.

bathroom and the toilet is better to choose the canvas in a frame made of wood, plastic or MDF, these features allow the tight closure.Of course, the transparent doors are good in a bachelor apartment, in other cases it is better to stay on the frosted or tinted glass, or a colored stained glass.

Who are glass doors to the bathroom and toilet, a photo from the bottom, with beautiful decorative sandblasting drawings, engraved and even photo printing.Of course, such a model the doors, despite the high cost, will decorate the interior.The door to the bathroom from sandblasted glass

addition to the standard, which still has the dimensions of the door?

Modern repair long ago does not adhere to strict standards, so now you can buy doors of different sizes.Look at the table to help choose the right size of the door, in mm.

size opening size canvases
Height Width Height width
1940-2030 630-650 1900 550
660-760 650
2040-2100 660-760 2000 600
770-870 700
880-970 800
980-1100 900
1280-1400 600 and 600 double-leaf
1480-1600 600 and 800 double-leaf
Up to 1800 900 sliding

For non-standard doorway better to order by individualsize, of course, the price will grow up, but you can save, not tinkering with the design.

Standard door leaf thickness of 50-70 mm for the bathrooms.If you are unsure that you can correctly gash casing at an angle, better take a ready-made model, which will be trimmed in height.The doors to the bathroom with glass and without