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What to look for when choosing a cottage village?

Lately it has become prestigious to own a home outside the city.Someone acquires property for recreation, someone dreams and a quiet family estate for the whole family.Wishes to the planning, design and layout and all people are different.What should we look for in the first place, choosing suburban real estate?

Select a country house usually start with the location.The closer to the city, so it is more convenient for him to travel.In addition, it is in suburban settlements will appear and develop various shops and services.Accordingly, the cost of such housing is high.If an important part of a trip to the city and the habitual way of life, it is necessary to stop the choice on the houses in the suburbs.If this is not so important, it is much cheaper to buy a remote cottage, which will cost much cheaper.

Also pay attention to the development and operation of infra structure.Check the availability of shops, educational and health facilities, services you needed.Ask the locals how good things with elec

tricity, water and gas.For leisure and weekend is to choose the house in a beautiful, clean area in the vicinity of the reservoir.For those who intend to engage in agriculture, of particular importance is the size of the plot.

Of course, such a purchase is a serious step, and before the start of the selection of the abundance of market offers is to accurately determine the requirements to the house.Today accepted as the sale of houses ready to use, and building plots or built settlements at different stages of readiness.If there is a desire or need to enter the house immediately after the purchase, we are talking about the finished building.It should immediately be noted that the value of their generally higher than projects under construction.In addition to the finished house is much more difficult to change the layout, and finishing is not always correspond to the wishes of the buyer.But you can use it immediately.Usually located in the village of houses in the same style, in several versions, with different layout and an area as residential and of the site itself.

When buying under construction, you can save considerably.But it is very important to choose a reliable company, such as for example, Incom-Real Estate, carefully examine all the documents and be prepared to wait a few months to a few years before it will be possible housewarming.