Glass doors (photo): interior and exterior, sliding and swing, swing and sliding

Doors made of glass - fashioned element of contemporary design that has both functional and aesthetic qualities.Installing glass doors are increasingly carried out not only in public but also in residential areas.Through glass opening, interior of the apartment or house gets the integrity, transparency, lightness.The room is visually expands, filled with light.These benefits add more security (thermally tempered glass has a high strength) and easy care.Entrance and interior doors made of glass (photo on our site) have their own characteristics, but both are not afraid of moisture, dirt, shock.

Interior sliding glass doors in the interior: opaque and transparent, with photo printing or drawing

Interior glass doors, which reviews are mostly positive, give the interior a lightness, ease, fragility.However, their installation - a kind design course, which is necessary to use very skillfully.Excess glass in a house or apartment can turn them into a kind of office or commercial premises.Therefore, great

importance decorative ideas and elements: brushed, stained surface, drawing or printing on a transparent canvas, various accessories etc.So, a lot of popularity in recent years have gained interior frosted glass sliding doors.

It should be noted that a variety of design ideas embodied relatively transparent openings and due to their different types:

  • Swing.Traditionally, open only in one direction.
  • Pendulum.Opens in either direction.They have a high capacity.Used in public places with high level of traffic.
  • Sliding.Sliding glass interior doors.Spreading in hand on the principle of sliding doors.

In addition, isolated structures in the frame aluminum profile or all-glass, single or double glazing.

Depending on the interior design ideas transparencies can be installed throughout the apartment, or only in certain places.For example, a good solution is to install a glass door to the kitchen and bathrooms.It is very practical, because such doors are not afraid of moisture, well washed from grease stains.

automatic sliding glass doors in an aluminum box and installation

so-called input groups are set mostly in offices and public buildings, at least - in country houses and apartments.Like the interior, entrance groups, depending on the overall style can be decorated with various effects, for example, glass doors with photo printing, matte surface, etc.The input design can be a pendulum or swinging, single or double wing.They are used in buildings with low and middle stream of visitors.

The facades of buildings with heavy flow of people established group with automatic opening.These in turn are subdivided into folding, sliding, revolving and curved glass doors.

To install the entrances, of course, you need to see a specialist.After all, during installation it is necessary to take into account a lot of nuances: the preparation of the opening, metering technology gaps between the frame and the wall, especially attachment loop and lock racks, etc.