Doors metal entrance : photos and reviews ;how to choose a metal entrance door to the apartment , and install it properly

Doors - one of the essential attributes of our daily lives.Getting up in the morning, we open a door to get out of the bedroom, the second - to go to the bathroom, and the third - leaving the apartment, etc.In general, the room without doors exists only in the children's tale, but in the real world, we constantly see and use them.So many of us have to deal with the question of the choice of this important element of protection for the apartment / house.One option, which are in great demand, are metal doors in an apartment or house.They are resistant to mechanical damage, adverse natural factors and high temperatures.

insulated metal entrance doors, double-wing, iron and steel

Virtually all modern doors need insulation.This question is particularly relevant when, for example, metal doors Double entrance exploited in areas where people live or work.As a heater used various materials such as synthetic and natural-based: basalt plate, mineral wool, polystyrene, fiberglass.

Entrance metal doors are double-wing structure with two wings.Most often, they are placed in non-standard doorways - in the state, offices, private homes, restaurants, public buildings.Metal doors input (feedback which, in an advantageous most positive) are not only more functional, but also more effective if, of course, have been used in the decoration of the appropriate materials.

Metal steel doors in the first place associated with reliability, stability.These quality and based creator of the first iron doors and they looked like a military hardware.Times have changed and now the requirements for entrance door have grown substantially.But along with the requirements and pulled level of performance - in our time can be found, and metal entrance doors with sound insulation, thermal insulation, and even the metal entrance doors with glass.

Elite doors, metal entrance and economy class: a comparison and differences

There are several classifications of steel doors, each of which becomes the main criterion for this or that part of a complete set of products from the production of alloys used in steel finishing trim.We will not be too much spraying and give one, but perhaps the most important consumer assessment under consideration of protective structures.There are metal entrance doors of economy class and elite class.

door cost depends on the cost of purchasing raw materials, the use of production equipment and materials used in the decoration.That is the most affordable fuel-efficient models are obtained, characterized by modest aesthetic qualities, but meets the standards for metal doors, operating on the territory of the Russian Federation.In other words, their protective properties correspond to the requirements of customers.The increase in the cost model to the category of elite models due to the use of more expensive finishes.

Setting input metal doors, standard and non-standard

Since install outside the metal door, and you can own, without the help of specialists, whose services, the word will be said, are not cheap, we will tell you how to do it.
  • First of all, even before the purchase of the door, measure door.Though they most often have standard sizes, but make sure once again in this desirable.
  • Prepare door, removing the old door.Having problems?Do not hesitate to use brute force try to pull out of the loop.
  • Remove the old door jamb that can be done in two ways: using a sledgehammer and claw hammer, beat out (there is a high probability of damage to aperture) or sawed joint.Incorporating one of the ways in life, collect all the garbage generated in the course of work in the doorway.
  • now proceed directly to the installation.Unpack and put the door in the opening.Open it at right angles, thus providing itself a maximum of space for work.If you can - ask someone to help.The fact that the door should be secured firmly that together makes it much easier and faster.
  • Door leaf should be put in the upright position.Even if it seems as if it is a relatively crooked walls, give it the value it should not be.Situations where it turns out that the walls of the curves are not uncommon.Try to make this step as much as possible qualitatively different as a result of problems with the door closed.
  • Then set the party to which is attached the door.Drill or a hammer drill in the wall of the hole, the diameter of which would correspond to the holes in the box.Realized in deepening insert special anchor bolts.It is important not to draw them - otherwise you will cause it to lose its door on the level.The bolts are screwed on both sides, after checking the fit of the box to the opening.
  • gaps between the frame and the wall fill with foam, making mounting more reliable.After drying, the foam must be cut.
  • Please note that not all companies offer a guarantee on metal entrance door, which is best installed by resorting to the help of a specialist, if you installed it yourself.