Repair and adjustment of door closers

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Modern doors are fitted with a special device that eliminates the need for households own a door slam.However, in this case the door is not foldable, and gently closed behind you quietly.It certainly is a door closer.This small device requires special attention, so it's important to know how to adjust the door closer and conduct timely repair.


  1. Features door closers
  2. Types of door closers
  3. Methods for installing door closer on the door
  4. Repair door closers with their hands
  5. Adjust door closer with his hands

Features door closers

problem can open doorseasily solved by installing a door closer, which controls the automatic opening and closing of the door, closing it without any additional force action on the part of man.The need closers dictated quite practical and functional reasons.Let's say you put the massive front metal door.Door leaf has a large mass, and if not specifically hold at the closing of the door leaf will

hit the Lutkov with great effort.

closers doors provide a smooth closing of the door quietly, set the speed of opening and closing doors in different areas, as well as determine the force that should make people to open the door.Door closers able to save in a room warm or cool the room and ensure the correct operation of the locking device.Besides closers with hold open function supports the ability to lock the door open, which is very useful, as under the open door is not necessary to enclose any objects.

closers mechanism delay action allows the door to remain open for some time, and then the door will be closed in the normal mode.This type of device is considered to be the most convenient for doors in commercial buildings (warehouses, utility room, pantry).This model is suitable for the door can be opened when carrying cargo, then take the goods to bring it into the building, and the door at the end of this time, she begins to close, without requiring mechanical force.

closers can be installed on ordinary interior and exterior heavy doors, given the weight of pre-doors and the width of the door leaf, and without forgetting the need for setting door closer.The heavier your door, more reliable and more powerful to be closer to her.The easiest option is considered to be a spring mechanism.But such a "closer" is too harsh and very noisy.

ideal option is adjustable design, the basis of which also houses a spring, but it is contained in a sealed housing in the oil composition.The principle of operation is quite simple door closer.To open the door a man puts some effort, which is transmitted mechanically to the closer and accumulated by the spring that is built into the body of the door closer.Then, the spring returns to its original position, allowing to adjust the closing process of the door.

Types of door closers

The design of door closers are divided into lever options that come with the drive crank and linkage-less model with cam drive.

Inside lever is spring door closers and hydraulic system, which is filled with oil.The hydraulic system serves as a shock absorber.The spring is compressed when the door is opened, and the fluid is ejected from one piston to another container.Thereafter, the spring straightens and returns the oil to the first vessel.Although hydraulic spring is located in a sealed box, sometimes it starts to leak, which is the first signal for repair door closers.The system

arranged valves, control fluid flowing velocity and the force at which it will move.They are responsible for the speed and smoothness of the door closing.The unit door closers may be complicated by additional valves provide different functions closer.For example, holding the door for a long time to open or create a function latching action to trigger lock or pressing the door to a better Lutkov.

By way of installation closers are divided into:

  • coils for surface mounting, are placed on top of the wall, door frame or door leaf, door closer according to the scheme;
  • for concealed installation, which are mounted inside the door;for outdoor installation, when closer hidden in the floor.

If the invoice does not fit closer to room design, you can always set the "invisible" device that will hide in a specified location and will be almost negligible.But for overhead models have different decorating panel, or they can be painted in the color selected.

Methods for installing door closer on the door

Install door closer on the door does not need special training because you can easily cope with this task.As a rule, all the necessary parts and tools supplied.There are four ways to mount door closer, look at them in more detail.

  1. easiest way to install the door closer to the door to the instructions described to him.It looks like this: a lever arm secured on the device, then using a template that is attached to the instructions outline the site of attachment screws, and then screwed the screws on this markup.The main thing we should remember that it will take more and adjustment of door closers geze.
  2. second method of mounting door closer implies the following.It is necessary to make closer to the door so that the door to the hinges facing its adjustment screws.Next, you need to fix the shoe device with screws that are attached to complete the groom.Remember that the "upper arm" of the lever device must be of such a length relative to the door to receive direct angle.Shoulder screws fixed to the shoe, and then again have to think about how to adjust the door closer.
  3. If you follow a third method of installing door closer parallel link, then you need to arm the device inserted under the door of the bar, and then outside the room to fold it.Closer, in this case fixed with the bracket, which also comes in the package.By establishing closer, make sure that the adjustment screw is rotated by the loops in the opposite direction.It is important do not make a mess in the process of installation, or improper installation will cause that does not get a hold of an optimal adjustment of the door closer.
  4. There closers that use an adjustable spring.Installing such devices is easiest: it is necessary to replace a door closer hinge pin - ready.What matters is that the product corresponds exactly the weight of the door.If the door leaf is too heavy and you could not find a suitable commercially closer, you need to install not one but several closers.

Repair of door closers with their hands

Proper use of the closer - a pledge of his good faith, and long-term work, which does not require repair.To door closer working long, you can not pull or hold the door, thus helping it to go faster or slower to close.It is not recommended to fix the door by placing it under the various items that prevent it close, and skate and hang on the door or (this includes children).

order to repair door closer, you need to have on hand all the necessary tools (and hex wrenches, pliers and screwdrivers set).Before you begin to repair the device, should be given a visual inspection of the door, as it skews or damage would interfere with the normal operation of the door closer.

Serious damage to the door closer, unfortunately, can not be eliminated, since the seal structure means that it can not be disassembled into individual parts and then assemble in accordance with the technology.However, in some situations it allows for the repair and adjustment of the closer its work independently.Let's look at how to repair door closer:

  1. Streaming oil composition.Regardless of the hydraulic spring, which transmits the generated voltage levers located in whole sealed box filled with hydraulic fluid, its leakage still occurs most frequently in winter.If there was a leak, it speaks about the body and the appearance of depressurization damage from which the oil flows out.As a result of this mechanism stops smoothly bring the door, loud pops and turns into an ordinary spring.If you are able to promptly find damaged areas, they need to be sealed, thereby prolonging the service life unit.However, if the damaged area is too large, it will not turn out to repair the door closer with their hands and have to buy a new door closer.
  2. Breaking lever assembly.The most common is a violation of the integrity of the rods.However, this part of the mechanism is always visible, so its condition can be assessed visually.Great power impacts can disable it, causing kinks, twists, distortions or damage mounts.Not very serious flaws you can fix the bar using ordinary welding.If there was a breakdown fasteners, it is possible to carry out repairs, buying new original parts that are suitable in size, shape and method of fixing of the pedestal.

Adjust door closer with his hands

considerable strain during intensive use door closer is often provoke discord of the whole system.Therefore, it is recommended for carefully monitor and maintain it several times a year, especially when weather changes.But if the system did not work properly start, you should learn how regulated door closer.

procedure for adjusting the door closer includes a few things, chief among them - to change the speed.If too slow to open the door leaf is necessary to spend adjustment level spring via the respective locking nut.Speed ​​door is set by rotation of the first valve (counter and clockwise).

You can turn the first valve by no more than 2 turns that stipulated manufacturers of door closers.The second valve is responsible for the latching action - the interval when the door is in the 10 - 15 degrees until full closure.More expensive models have in their structure a third valve, which is necessary to adjust the speed of closing the door at an angle of 80-90 degrees.

If the door closer housing, specialized oil, you may notice with the onset of winter, the closer that the rate falls in the cold season, and in summer the opposite mechanism is accelerated.The reason is that the viscosity of the liquid depends on the temperature.Therefore, with the onset of winter cold is necessary to further adjust the door closer by adjusting the first valve.

often becomes necessary to delay the open door in this position for a while.Increased delay before closing the door leaf can be achieved by tightening procedures more tight special retainer.This manipulation made to perform when the door is open by approximately 95 - 100 degrees.Control-open doors are also made using a particular option door closer.

If the door must be kept open for a long time - to move the furniture or ventilate the room, you should use the door closer hold-open.This device is equipped with a lever lock door in the open position.You should open the door to 90-95 degrees and tighten the clamp.After these manipulations the door will be closed in the normal mode, if you open it on a smaller angle than 90 °.If you open the door wider, it will lock and will remain open as long as you do not pull over, thereby removing the lock.

In some cases it may be necessary to carry out the change in angle plowing door.You can change the angle plowing door with a special valve, which must be turned over or counterclockwise.The main thing when you adjust the door closer as not to disrupt the functioning of the system: the screw can not be scrolled by more than two full turns, it is undesirable to tighten the screw until it stops. Do not unscrew completely the adjusting screws and nuts.

If you have tried all of the above advice about how to configure the door closer, but nothing worked, then maybe the problem lies in the wrong setting.Check the vertical mounting door and fitting the door closer.Check the placement of the nut, which regulates the tension force of the spring, remember that it must be placed opposite the hinge.The lever must be of such a length that it doors to the box at right angles.In the presence of the most slightest suspicion that you incorrectly installed closer, it is recommended to take it off and put on all the rules.

Thus, without any costs being available to a screwdriver and 5 minutes of free time, knowing the technique and how to adjust the door closer, you will be able to set up this mechanism.The key is to be aware of some features of the work, which allow not disrupt the proper functioning of the system.