The doors of the future: canoeing, veneer and Murano glass

The doors of the future

When choosing interior doors, we first look at their appearance and the material from which they are made.Natural wood still rules the ball - Today, like many years ago, of his produce massive doors that are not only able to emphasize the good taste of their owners, but also to ensure reliability, "sustainability" of housing in general.The versatility of this tree is undeniable: it is combined with any kind of finishing materials and harmonious look in any style setting.

Doors made of natural wood

However, there are some limitations in the use of whole-wooden structures.They are not aesthetic, and the nature of the climate.Doors made of solid, finished with veneer or inlaid rare types of wood, require the maintenance of the house a special level of temperature and humidity.

The doors of the array

Otherwise you will have to periodically call restorers and invest additional funds in the face of the front door.

Today, from an array of expensive species (walnut, cherry, pear, and even South American canoe) often operate door

frames, and box and multilayer panels covered with veneer.This door is no less noble than completely wooden, but to save his master such an option would allow.Some manufacturers are also applied to the door a special coating of wax, which gives the tree a charming matt gleam.

doors Laminate - more democratic option for the price.This laminated doors are resistant to all kinds of extremes of climate.This synthetic material has high strength and moisture resistance, it can reproduce any kind of texture of wood.Laminate is well combined in the interior with wicker or wood furniture, parquet.Only in this case, the door and the furniture is advisable to check beforehand for compatibility.Considering the texture and color of both - when all the elements of the situation faced in the area of ​​one of the room, it is much more difficult to perform.

Doors made of laminate

Modern manufacturers do not seek to disguise the "wood" laminate under a particular thoroughbred tree - as a rule, the surface of the door is covered with paint or colored varnish.It looks a product quite nicely and is best suited for interior, made in a modern style.It should be remembered that no door in the apartment (except for the children's room) should not be unduly intrusive, and a bright spot.

glass doors of the future - a special theme.Fully transparent, opaque or colored intriguing, these models are not so much separated the two areas as a new permit zoning apartment.Doors made of glass visually enlarge the area of ​​space.

Glass doors

transition from the hallway or corridor to the living room and the kitchen in the room is not necessarily hide behind an impenetrable door.It is much better to allow natural daylight to penetrate from one room to another (unwanted sounds and smells will be kept with the glass).Indispensable this door for the bathroom, because such a fabric is protected by a special coating against moisture and dirt.And to maintain the intimacy of the processes taking place in the bathroom, the door for this, of course, you must choose the frosted glass, colored or patterned.

Door glass with a pattern

Modern glass doors rarely occur without patterns.What a scattering of "droplets" or modest squares will certainly show up on the surface of the door, even brutal model of high-tech.Figure applied either by sandblasting, etching or engraving, or special paints.The list includes the higher value of doors with stained glass items and accents of crystal or Murano glass.Their uniqueness is expressed especially on a sunny day: a ray of sunlight falling on the patterns projected on the walls, floor and ceiling of the room.It turns out the magical effect, but the anti-crisis proposal can not be called.

Doors made of Murano glass

outward appearance Folding doors, not only from the material web, but also from the casings.They play the same role as the frame in case of paintings, - solemnly decorate and frame the doorway.Or imitating wood for wood door frames are usually made from wood tone canvas or - less often in contrast (light - dark).By the glass or glazed doors can we add any trim colors, but designers recommend to stop at neutral solution because the main role is played by the very fabric, not the frame.

Casings for doors

The shape of frames are divided into several types - curved (shaped), flat, telescopic or curly.This choice depends entirely on the design and style of the interior.For example, flat casings are perfect for high-tech or minimalist interior and curly and rounded (eg, in the shape of columns or "pilasters") - to the apartment, made in the Rococo, Baroque and Classicism.

Often when choosing a door there is a question, be sure you buy the frames together with the door or the item you can buy later.If you decide to install the glass door, the purchase of casings can be postponed.But in the case of a wooden blade, on the jamb should think in advance.They will have to choose to match the installed door, so you will be limited in the choice.

Door with stained glass

Beautiful door

The door to the antique style

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