The design of a spiral staircase

The design of a spiral staircase
  1. Treads spiral staircases
  2. Mounts steps of the spiral staircase
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Of course, the basic constituents of the ladder, which helps us to carry out vertical movementThey are the steps.The shape and relative position of these elements and share a ladder into two main categories: spiral and straight.If the width of the steps fall short of it at different ends, and they are set around the main stand at the center, it turns a typical design of a spiral staircase.

The design of spiral staircase can be seen as a positive factor, as well as some drawbacks.The main advantage of the area is recognized that the design takes staircase.This figure is significantly lower than that of a straight ladder.

The circuit design of a spiral staircase

In the vast majority of situations, a spiral staircase can be placed in a circle, the center of which will be in support column, and the radius will depend on the length of the stage.Note that the optimal length of a meter stage.This is where the ladder can show

the whole range of its merits.If the design of the spiral staircase will be based on the steps of a five-foot long, its area will not be different from the one that takes the stairs straight type.

Treads spiral staircases

Treads spiral staircases

Take into account the fact that the ideal trajectory of the ladder-type screw is located approximately in the central part of the march.This should be a permanent support structure for the railing.This fact determines the main disadvantage of a spiral staircase - a small indicator of the tread width, situated trajectory.In order to reduce this drawback to a minimum, builders refuse everything risers.However, even despite this, spiral staircases often play the role of decorative designs, but not major.

completely get rid of the disadvantages described can spiral staircases with a special type of construction.Data tread stairs are in a difficult configuration, referred to as "duck step".

Stairs configuration

Very often, such a method can be found in the stairs straight, but with a serious tilt angle.

Samba staircase with a large angle

If you decide to design the structure of the spiral staircase, then based on the fact that the width of the tread in the central part of the march should not be less than the 20 centimeters.If the spiral staircase will be your main home, the minimum width of the tread indicator - 80 centimeters.If the ladder is to perform a secondary task, it can be limited to 60-centimeter tread.This staircase is very compact, and its main function - a guarantee of access to the attic or loft.

Mounts steps of the spiral staircase

carrier elements, which involves the construction of a spiral staircase, may vary.Accordingly, there are differences in the methods and fixtures steps.You can design a spiral staircase, which was based on the string.

Spiral staircases on the string

side ropes should have a complex form of a spiral, and therefore the construction of this staircase can not be performed without serious technical skills.

Interestingly, the design of the spiral staircase and may not assume a reference beam.This means that it is necessary to carry out the connection winders with each other as well as with strong railings, which is carried out to mount balusters.

A spiral staircase without support beam

addition, the need to hold firmly established last stage on the ceiling.All this will help distribute the load evenly and very secure design.

In most cases, the design of the spiral staircase is based on a massive pillar.

A spiral staircase on a massive pillar

The rack should be used as a pipe having a diameter of 5 cm and fairly thick walls.Remember that the main stand should stand perfectly upright.

Spiral staircases photo:

Beautiful glass staircase

A spiral wooden staircase

The support structure of the spiral staircase

A spiral staircase with a beautiful reception

Compact spiral staircase

A spiral staircase in a tree

Beautiful design a spiral staircase made of wood

A beautiful staircase with glass steps

A beautiful white spiral staircase

Beautiful decorative staircase

Beautiful wooden staircase with a spiral central beam

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