Repair of bathroom with their hands

Repair of bathroom with their hands
  1. Choosing bathroom
  2. Choose a color bath
  3. Repair bathroom walls with their hands
  4. Repair floor bathroom with their hands
  5. Choosing a sink for the bathroom

Bathroom - a special place in the apartment or house.The main purpose of the bathroom - it is, of course, the purification of the body.But you can also say that this is a place for privacy rights, so it is very important that the appearance of the bathroom posted spiritual condition of man, his taste and mood.

Repair of bathroom with their hands need at newcomers, who had just settled in a new home, as well as those who simply want a little or dramatically update the look of a bathroom.

Choosing bathroom

Choosing a bath

So, first of all repairs in the bathroom should be started with the selection of the bath.Today the market offers a huge variety of models of baths.Choosing one or the other model bath, be sure to consider the footage of the room.If the room is not very large, do not buy a large bath, or bathroom will loo

k like a box.Very comfortable corner bath, especially for small rooms.The bulk of the bath is made of cast iron and acrylic.Basically, the new model is produced from acrylic baths.But, getting a bath, keep in mind that its surface is slippery, so it is best just to buy a special mat for the bath, especially if you live in a house with small children.

Choose a color bath

Choose a color bath

Next color bath.Here, it would be logical to buy a bath of such color as the colors of the walls, floor and ceiling.But you can add a bit of contrast.For example, choosing the style of Hi-Tech, connoisseurs of styles, can use a very contrasting solutions: for example, black and red bath bathroom wall.Of course, such a design registration may not be suitable for everyone.In most cases, the majority of consumers are choosing soothing colors: turquoise, aquamarine, in general, all shades of blue and green, and pink, beige and white.

Repair bathroom walls with their hands

Repair bathroom walls with their hands

Bathroom wall mainly veneered tiles.In this article, you can read "How to put the tiles in the bathroom."However, recent years more and more gaining momentum PVC cladding panels.Their undoubted advantage is the ease of fastening of the panels to the walls.It does not require preparation of a solution for application on the wall.It is enough to make the crate and using a drill to fix the panels to the crate.This type of repair bathroom under the force of even a layperson.Therefore, panels of PVC demand in the building materials market.

Repair floor bathroom with their hands

Repair floor bathroom with their hands

Paul still almost always is coated using tiles.Choosing tile, pay attention not only on the coloring, but the very texture of the material.It should not be too shiny.This tile is very slippery, and this is very dangerous.On a tile it can be easy to slip and get hurt.If you choose a tile, then it is recommended that you purchase additional bathmat this size, as well as a bathroom.It is best to purchase a tile with a slightly rough or matte texture.On this tile is not required to purchase additional coverage.

Select washbasin bathroom

Designer washbasin Bathroom

now turn to the sink.Sinks are different basics: a pedestal and cupboard with shelves.For a small bath is best to buy a sink with a pedestal.If you allow the dimensions of the room, you can buy a washbasin locker.In this cabinet is convenient to store cleaning supplies.

performing repairs in the bathroom with their hands in the first place, consider how easy and comfortable you will be in the room.And then you'll get real pleasure while taking water treatments.

Bathroom hi-tech

Beautiful bathroom

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