What is the cost to build a house roof

What is the cost to build a house roof
  1. approximate calculation of the cost of the roof
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all those who had to deal with the construction, it is well known howto be serious approach to the selection of material for the roof.Any attempt to save this part of the residential buildings often bypassed, as they say, "our own peril," so that the search for a reasonable compromise in this case is well founded.

The choice of the type of raw material and determines, ultimately, the procedure for calculating the cost of work, iehow much it cost to build the roof.

In addition, the cost of the roof is significantly affected and the type of structure being built.So, for the time of construction is fine simplest roofing, are not designed for long service life.In the case of the capital housing the life of the roof should be comparable with the term of operation of the whole building.

When choosing a suitable material for the roof must also be remembered that its full cost will in

clude all the additional costs, namely:

  • cost of insulating materials;
  • costs of installation works;
  • transport costs etc.

approximate calculation of the cost of the roof

Approximate calculation of the cost of the roof

clear that the roofing tile will cost you much more than the arrangement of the coating of other materials, because under it will need a more powerful and, consequently, more expensive systemrafters.We invite you to compare the cost of different roofing materials on the example of a country house, erected on an individual model project.The basis of calculation taken following raw materials:

  • tile cement and sand;
  • metal;
  • soft roof.

Driving roof

main parameters of the roof for our calculation:

  • Roof area - 200 square meters.meters.
  • length of the ridge - 20 meters.
  • Roof valleys and pediments - 16 and 40 meters respectively.
  • length of the cornice - 20 meters.

use of special tables (see. Annex), which provides data on the cost of 1 sq.meters of finished roof with all the additional costs, will allow you to make a rough estimate of the future design of a supply budget.

For our example, the cost of 1 sq.meter roof is about 2,600 to 3,000 rubles.And get the most expensive roof soft tile, and the cheapest - from metal with polyester coating.

Cost figures for the various roofing

Cost figures for the various materials

data conducted earlier calculations strongly suggest the following.Comprehensive assessment of how much it costs to build the roof, shows that the increase in the cost of a fully equipped roof (depending on the material used) in the following sequence:

  1. Metal with polyester coating.
  2. soft tiles.
  3. Metal with a polyurethane coating.
  4. Cement-sand tile.

Earlier, we noted that in terms of the valuation of the roof structure includes a number of structural elements, such as the system of rafters, sheathing, as well as heat, steam and water proofing.Only with the correct arrangement of all the elements of your roof will be able to protect the house from bad weather and precipitation.

Materials used in the construction of the roof

In conclusion, a few words about the choice of auxiliary material for the roof of a country house.

Attention! In order to ensure a comfortable stay and reduce the cost of heating the layer thickness of insulation must be at least 20 cm.

estimates for all other auxiliary materials, anyway used in the construction of the roof, you can find attached to this article tables.

of Expenditure on the roof

Items of expenditure on the roof

final calculation of the cost of the finished roof

The final calculation of the cost of the finished roof

Calculation of additional materials for the arrangement of the roof

Calculation of additional materials

Average prices for the services of a professional roofer roofing installationin the Moscow region

Average cost of


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