Painting walls a roller

Painting walls a roller
  1. Highlights roller when paintin
    g walls
  2. How to choose paint roller?

Certainly, each of us throughout life faced with the need to paint any surface.But we know how to do it correctly?Interestingly, even the question of how to paint walls roller is different solutions.

have roller has a feature that it immediately absorbs a significant amount of ink.If you forget the pressing it is possible to get too much solution flow.Thus, the excess paint on the need to constantly squeeze the special net, stretched on a frame of certain sizes.If this grid is not found, you can replace it with tin or steel, to make holes in it, like a grater, and squeeze the bead on it.Even if a tin or steel is not available, it makes sense to take a sheet of plain plywood.

Features roller such that paint of the surface adjacent to the baseboards, trims and corners is almost impossible.The data space is required in advance by a conventional paint brush and then shade them.

Highlights roller when painting walls

Highlights in the color of the walls of the roller

very same wall painting roller, in general, does not have too much difficulty.Cooked roller requires dip in the dye solution, the excess squeezed it, and then have to bring a cushion to the area of ​​the wall to be treated.Answering the question of "how to paint walls roller", it should be noted that too much pressure on it not to be, even when light pressure he is able to leave the flat strips of paint, which later must be well shaded.

roller When painting the walls, you need to carry him up and down, and then do the reverse movement.As soon as the ink is consumed, it is necessary to increase the pressure force.There is also a slightly different way of painting the walls a roller, first wall is painted only in the horizontal direction, and then the process is repeated vertically.With this method, however, we need much more attention paid to the process of shading.

At work, take into account that the thinner layer of paint you apply, and the better you shade it, the better the final quality.If you have a number of defects, fix them out, readjust the color.This will require again walk on already painted walls.

whole process of painting the walls a roller can be finished in a couple of tricks.Of course, do not forget to ensure that the roller does not drip with color schemes, leaving very unaesthetic stains.To be confident in the quality of paint to paint the beginning of a small portion of the surface or work on a piece of plywood or cardboard.With some skill and knowledge in how to properly paint the walls a roller in one day you can cover nearly 300 square squares.

How to choose paint roller?

How to choose a roller for painting

course, high-quality paint is unlikely to be possible without a good tool.We will understand how to select the roller for painting?

  • If you need to paint a very large area, it is as a tool to acquire Paint.
  • Painting places inaccessible involves the use of tiny beads.
  • If you need a roller to apply the varnish composition, ground-based or latex paint, you can buy a foam tool.For operation with emulsion paint such a tool will not work because they do not manage to achieve aesthetic surface.
  • If you think a pick roller for painting oil solution, prefer tools in velor.
  • most smooth and high-quality color can be achieved using a fur roller.At the same time, the rollers of a natural fur is much more durable than artificial.

course, deciding which to choose paint roller, pay attention not only its appearance but also the quality of workmanship.Working soft surface of the roller should not have visible seams, not to spoil the quality of the work.At the same time, it must necessarily be cross-linked to the instrument served the maximum term.