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Fence in the country: the types and popular materials

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People erecting fences for a long time.Fence protected from predators and acts as a reliable barrier against enemies in all ages.Today, developers, receiving his portion of ownership country, first of all think about the construction of the fence with the purpose of identifying the boundaries of their territory and make the site form.Build a fence in the country will be able to even the inexperienced builder, because it does not require special skills.Depending on the material possibilities and design ideas have identified a number of options for the fencing of land.Therefore, before the construction work necessary to meet the basic varieties of country fences.


  1. Purpose fence at the cottage
  2. design suburban fence
  3. Species suburban fences
  4. materials suburban fences
    • fence wood
    • fence of corrugated
    • fence brick
    • fence-fence
    • Fence PVC
    • fence of metal mesh fence
    • reed
    • Fence wrought sections
    • hedge
    • Other materials

Purpose fence at the cottage

Initially the role of the fence is clear to everyone.It defines the exclusive rights to the land.With fences determined by the size of the territory belonging to a specific person.As for the fences has always been a lot of controversy - and a hundred years ago and now.However, the fences clearly show land rights and responsibilities of the landlord.

fence does not allow the territory of the foreign visitors or makes a similar penetration difficult.Even low fence serves as the fence.However, this structure is more than a psychological barrier rather than physical: working directly with the fact of the fenced area.On a subconscious level ground without fence believe no man with all the consequences that follow from this.

especially felt the presence of the fence during the construction of a country house or cottage.It will be difficult to reach building materials and tools.And when there is a building, it is better that the workers did not see strangers, because they look at the work is not the most respectable.

important to understand that the fence does not necessarily have to be the same all around.Suburban area can be a powerful fence to fence only by passing the street, but there is no sense of such a fortification retreating from its neighbors on the right and left, especially if the conflict-free relationship between you.

fence needs, on the other hand, to ensure the safety of animals and your children, because it does not allow them to run out into the road.Beautiful fence is also an indicator of your taste and well-being.The cost of building a fence in the country with their own hands is usually determined depending on the goals.

design suburban fence Any fence

structurally consists of skin and supporting structures.Materials that are used for covering the fence, there are very different - stone, metal, plastic or wood.Bearing structures of the fence posts are vertical supports that are fixed in the soil, and horizontal beams, which carries the elements of cladding, gates and gate.

Fence perform in the architectural style decision as the house itself.For example, if the house is lined with sandstone facing brick, then the fence is constructed from these materials.If the building switchboards or wood, the boards of the fence erected, installed at an angle, or palisade block House.In the case of construction of houses in the style of the country need to make wooden fence.

Selection of the fence and the materials used for its construction depends on such factors:

  1. characteristics of the soil.The ability to retain the cottage fence poles and the need for burial and power depends on how dusty soil or heaving.
  2. wind loads.In the area of ‚Äč‚Äčopen terrain and strong seasonal winds paneling will experience greater wind loads.The flat terrain is recommended to install a fence support for a strong foundation or sparsely spans sheathing, leaving the gap between the elements of the sheathing.
  3. styling land.The exterior of the cottage fence should create harmony with the overall style of the garden.If the owner of the security attaches great importance and is planning to put a stone or metal fence, it is on its inner side to plant vines.

Species suburban fences Fences

vary, depending on the function that they perform.In particular distinguish these types of fences to testify.The fence-hedge - it is such a design, which is necessary for the protection of the territory from the negative influence of environmental factors - care of children from the area, check the machine, a device on a plot of an unauthorized landfill.In this case, not necessarily to build a high fence - not low enough solid fence.

Fence-protection is a permanent structure that protects dogs from the pack and illegal intrusion of criminals.In this case, it is recommended to build a high fence, which can give the owner a temporary head start to prepare for a meeting with the intruders.The front fence carries more aesthetic function and is a continuation of a house.Such structures continue stylistic idea that lies in the construction of an architect or designer, and emphasize respectability owners territory.

materials suburban fences

for the construction of the fence in the country can be used such material: brick, wood, concrete panels, metal mesh, natural stone, decking.Very often you can find fences that are made from a variety of living plants - the so-called hedges.Let's look at the characteristics of fences, made of the most popular materials.

fence wood

Wood is the most accessible material that is easy to work quite easily.Construction of wooden fences are not particularly expensive and time-consuming process.The owner, in most cases, can build such a structure with his hands, so he is considered to be the most common.

height of the fence at the cottage of wood is different, and different product configuration.The only drawback to a wooden fence lies in the design of flammability.

fence of corrugated

fence of corrugated sufficiently strong and durable and resistant to all sorts of weather.These structures do not require constant care and reduce noise that enters from the street.Decking can be used for construction on a plot of temporary fence, for example, during the construction period.

Lack of corrugated fence lies in the fact that it requires filling strip foundation.And this factor is already displays a similar structure of the category of budget structures.

fence brick

main advantage of the brick wall is that of all the goods it is considered the strongest along with concrete.A fence made of brick requires no maintenance, is able to serve a long time and allows you to make experiments with design, combining natural stone, brick and metal.Sometimes it is the basis for the creation of wooden spans.

But this expensive design that needs a lot of the complexity and considerable investment.To build a brick wall, you should use the services of a contractor as perform all work with their hands will fail.


Fences fence as are traditional for the village.Build a fence in the country of reference stakes and woven vines, so the design has an attractive decorative appearance.However, it is not without a number of drawbacks with this.

material for such a fence - easily accessible.However, the process requires the skills of weaving: not every person can do with their hands in the form of wattle fence.Such structures are not subject to paint, their strength and durability is poor.

Fence PVC

in our life are just beginning to enter the fences made of PVC, which have many advantages.Such structures are durable, can be manufactured with different texture and color, affordable, they do not need to care, not afraid of the sun, cold and water.

Fences PVC are high-tech, they are easy and fast to install.But the main problem is that all the material is in short supply in specialized stores.

fence of metal mesh

Fences made of mesh netting, are considered to be a very popular solution in suburban areas.Fences made of metal mesh are affordable, durable, can be installed quickly, virtually require no additional care.The peculiarity of this fence - it does not create shadows.The structure of the netting is an excellent basis for the ivy, hops and other climbing plants.

Produce from the garden fence to get their hands netting.Moreover, to overcome it harder than it looks, if not a metal mesh welded to the frame, it is able to sway under the weight of a person and cause noticeable injury to man.But this fence is hidden land from prying eyes.

fence of reeds

Originally looks to plot a fence made of reeds, which is not difficult in execution.The most simple technology of building such a fence is as follows: make bench-table, put a layer of reeds about 15-20 centimeters, and place the top frame prigruza.

Knit reeds with a wire with a pitch of 10-15 centimeters.Enough material to flash at 4 locations.Typically, the width of the mat is 100 centimeters, after flashing the ends of reeds must be carefully from all sides carefully chop off.Such a fence in the country will be perfectly in harmony with nature.

Fence wrought sections

with wrought iron railings and sectional work much easier.They are made in factories and sell as finished products.Spans of this fence should be bolted to the posts with screws or welded.

Forged fences able to last for a long time, it gives the dacha sophisticated look, while requiring minimal maintenance.But the indisputable advantages of this fence are quite expensive.


Structures for the fencing of the area, you can create with the help of climbing plants, which are based on a grid framework.Hedges operate exclusively decorative function.This fence will not be able to resist the intruders into private ownership and requires constant care.

It should be noted also that the hedge aesthetic looks only in the warm season.In addition, services of landscape designers and shaping hedges owners will fly a lot of money.As the plant is common to use shrub roses, wild rose, spruce, thuja, lilac and hawthorn.

Other materials

But often that one comes across barriers of such materials, the use of which any designer in the head would not come.For example, fences can be built solely from a wire stretched over supports, or slate, buried vertically in the ground.Also, gardeners are experimenting with other materials.Fencing on the dacha is possible to build even plastic bottles!

Thus, to build a fence around his land in two ways: to seek help from professionals who know how to build a fence in the country, or do the work yourself.Choosing the first option for an entail significant financial costs.But the construction of the fence on their own cheap, but here you need to have certain skills.But before you select a material from which to build a fence.It should take into account the estimated future functionality and decorative structures.