The lawn with his own hands.

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Nowadays lawn has become popular not only in urban parks and gardens.More and more truckers give it priority, taking the place of conventional beds and embodying the comfortable seating areas.The lawn is an essential element of landscape design, linking together the flower beds, the composition of shrubs and large trees.Due to the property of lawn grass evaporate a lot of moisture, even in the hottest days on the green lawn is maintained comfortable microclimate.In this article we consider not only how to plant a lawn with his own hands in the country, and how to care for them throughout the year.


  1. Choosing grass for lawn
    • grass for sports turf grass for
    • specialized
    • lawn grass for decorative lawn
  2. Tips for Choosing a grass lawn
  3. Planning and preparation of land for his
  4. How to sow the lawn with his own hands
  5. errors when creating the lawn and taking care of them
    • wrong choice of mixtures
    • chose the wrong time for sow
    • errors in care that lead to the formation of moss
    • Late nitrogen fertilization
    • Improper mowing the lawn
    • erroneous actions in preparation for winter lawn
    • Lawn Care in winter

Choosing grass for lawn

There is a wide variety of lawn grass, each designed for specific operating conditions.To achieve the desired result, not enough to simply read the name on the packaging of mixtures, it is necessary to carefully study its composition, having a clear idea about the properties of each herb in its composition.

the functionality lawns can be divided into three types:

  • decorative;
  • sports;
  • specialty.

grass for sport turf

As the name implies, these are planted on lawns and sports playgrounds.

They differ:

  • resistance to mechanical damage;
  • resistance to trampling;
  • rapid recovery.

It is for this reason, most summer residents are choosing these mixtures to their sites.But it is necessary to consider that in their composition is always a perennial that dies in the cold winters.Therefore, in the northern regions it is desirable to give it up or be prepared to re-sow every spring.

As a rule, mixtures of sports there is the following set:

  • perennial ryegrass .It grows most rapidly, has a bright green color that lasts throughout the season;
  • Kentucky bluegrass .He stands as the great heat and cold.It forms a dense cover, which withstands trampling;
  • red fescue .This is the least demanding hardy grass with good performance;
  • fescue .In most cases, the mixture in it less likely, because it is poorly resists trampling, but responds well to mowing.

Sports lawn should be planted as soon as possible thick, it is recommended not less than 50 g per 1 m2.In areas with high load, this rate is doubled and is not less than 100 grams per m2.

best time for its landing - early autumn.

Grass Lawn for specialized

These mixtures are used for planting roadsides, industrial sites, etc.Their intended purpose - is the absorption of dust and air purification.Therefore, you should choose the least demanding herbs that are able to filter the polluted air and to be resistant to burning out.

They include present:

  • Rump beardless .This undemanding herb that can easily tolerate drought and frost;
  • bentgrass pobegoobrazuyuschaya .Best for those sites that do not have the possibility of frequent mowing, because after mowing slowly recovering.It does not tolerate drought, but it is extremely hardy.

grass for decorative lawn

decorative lawn, in turn, is divided into three types:

  • meadow .As the name implies, it mimics the natural meadow landscape, in which there is a great mix of grasses, wildflowers and some weeds;
  • ordinary .It consists of several mixtures.The softness of the turf, he concedes parterre lawn, but the superior sports.Lawn of ordinary mixtures can withstand small loads, but will require regular care of themselves;

  • parterre .This elite lawns that are extremely demanding care.They are intended only to admire them.Parterre lawn unstable even to minimal stress, since they consist of one type of grass that is purely decorative.Therefore, it is often placed in front of the main facade of the house as a rich green background for floral, woody shrub or compositions.

  • stands apart from all the Moorish lawn .It has the most extensive composition of grass clover, grass, wild flowers and many other herbs.It is sown only once in the middle of spring (depending on weather conditions in the region), and further propagated own - self-seeding.Such turf made with his own hands and does not require regular haircuts.

  • addition to classic mixes of grasses, there are lawn chamomile, clover, thyme or yarrow.

Tips for Choosing grass

  • Recommended composition of herbs for specific areas:
  1. shaded areas suitable for the composition of herbs: meadow fescue 60%, white 20% bentgrass, Kentucky bluegrass 20%.Or 50% red fescue, perennial ryegrass 25% Kentucky bluegrass 25%;
  2. for the site in the sun should be chosen herbal mixture of bent grass pobegonosnoy 60% and 30% Grebennikov;
  3. to full shade is bent pobegoobrazuyuschaya;
  4. planted along the fence of a mixture of: 60% meadow grass and red fescue 40%.

  • also is said of the turf.There is a misconception that this is an option for the lazy.In fact, it requires the exact same serious training ground as usual sown lawn.The only difference is that with the help of turf immediately get ready dense turf.

  • When buying domestic mixtures have to be prepared to ensure that in their composition will certainly be added to feed cereals.It is also possible presence of some weeds.

Layout lawn at the site and preparation of the soil under it

Before you plant a lawn, it is necessary to hold a series of preparatory work.

first thing, even before land preparation, damn layout of the lawn on the site.It is important to consider the location and it flowerbeds, trees, small architectural forms, etc.It is necessary to ensure that in future there were no problems with mowing the lawn.

around trees is not recommended to plant lawn grass, because it will have all the time sow.

stages of preparing the ground for the lawn:

  • cleansing of the territory under the lawn of debris, which includes branches, stones and various household garbage.This must be done efficiently, do not drip into the ground;
  • remove all unnecessary trees and shrubs;
  • clear of weeds.There are several ways to do this:
  1. first is a regular weeding by hand.For this spring land abundantly watered to accelerate the growth of weeds, and then weed them again carefully and throw the earth.So you need to do a few times;
  2. in the second case since the autumn planted any aggressive green manure, such as rye.In the spring it will come first, and "strangle" the majority of weeds.It is necessary at the stage of young shoots and close up dig into the ground.It will not only help to cope with most of the weeds, but also further loosen and enrich the land;
  3. third way - the removal of weeds by herbicides.The most popular of them - this roundup.But he has a negative impact on any vegetation, so today there were chemicals that remove only the weeds without harming lawn grasses;
  • prepared to dig the earth.If necessary dovozit new fertile soil for the development of a good sod, it is enough layer 10 cm thick.At this stage made mineral complex fertilizers;

  • Now it was the turn of alignment.With broken rake leveled and all the lumps and hollows;
  • aligned under the earth tightly compacted lawn roller.If a large area is cultivated, it is rational to just hire a special ice rink in the planting of any company.When constructing a small area, it is possible to manage on their own, for example, using a barrel of water or making the roller of a log;

  • before sowing the seeds, the ground should be slightly loosened with a rake again and close the film a couple of months.Because of this, some of the remaining weeds perepreet perish.

How to sow the lawn with his own hands

sow grass mixture is best in late spring in calm and dry weather, providing a uniform distribution of seeds on the soil surface.

today for uniform sowing lawn grasses sell special tools - drills.

Their absence does not matter, all the work can be performed manually.


  • for convenience, lawn visually divided into lengthwise strips.First sow grass moving along them, without missing even a small area.And then pass across.In this way, a uniform and dense distribution of seeds;

  • Now it is necessary to protect the seeds from birds and a possible erosion of the rain.To do this, they bury them lightly rake the ground.It is very important to do all the work carefully, so as not to disrupt the sowing density;

  • to accelerate the germination of grass, little, just hope the weather.Be sure to need immediately pour it.First, it needs to be shed at least 5 cm, but watch out for in order to avoid forming puddles.In the future will also need to ensure regular watering, the frequency of which depends on the season.

errors when creating the lawn and taking care of them

wrong choice of mixtures

  • Before buying it is necessary to have a clear idea of ​​what conditions will be operated lawn.And especially herbs in its composition.
  • Do not choose the lawn for easy opening of the sun and put it in the shade.
  • Not all herbs that go into the finished lawns can even spend the winter in central Russia.It is important to bear in mind that in the spring they will not germinate.

chose the wrong time for sowing

  • autumn sowing before winter is possible only in the southern regions of Russia.Otherwise, the seeds of lawn vymerznut, failing to gain strength before the winter.Or early spring frosts will kill the young shoots.
  • Spring - is not the most opportune time.As with a young grass in large numbers begin to sprout weeds.

Tip: The best time for sowing grass - the end of the summer.

errors in care that lead to the formation of moss

Due to the fact that it violates the circulation of air, the lawn begins at this point turn yellow and die.

reasons for which the appearance of moss:

  • very short regular mowing the lawn;
  • wetlands;
  • acidic soil;
  • high density of the soil;
  • Hour shading;
  • insufficient nutrients.

But all of these troubles can be corrected by determining the kind of moss, which lacks the lawn:

  • undersized or creeping moss - the lack of sunlight and high humidity of the soil;
  • high moss indicates too acidic soil;
  • dense, small size and low islands moss - a sign of very short haircut.

To prevent this, the lawn needs constant care consisting of combing, fertilizer and piercing to improve aeration.

Late nitrogen fertilization

Nitrogen helps to stimulate the growth of the aerial, the green of the lawn, it is useful as a spring feeding.But it would be a mistake entering the fall, thereby reducing the hardiness of sod.

Tip: in late autumn have to make a complex fertilizer of phosphorus and potassium, which promote root.

Improper mowing the lawn

  • too short - it would weaken the lawn, making it more vulnerable to diseases and weeds;
  • not recommended for simultaneous mowing to cut more than one-third of the height of the plant.When highly advanced cases, cutting is carried out in several stages at intervals of a few days.Otherwise, the lawn will be difficult to recover;
  • should not mow the lawn after the rain, as wet it more susceptible to damage.

erroneous actions in preparation for winter lawn

Argued that left on the lawn in the winter grass clippings and leaves will protect the roots from frost.But it is more harm him than help.Thick sod does not need this kind of protection, but on the left green fungi can develop that will cause diseases of plants.Moreover, such a covering layer prevents the penetration of air into the soil.

Tip: Before winter lawn should not only be fertilized, but trimmed and combed.

Lawn Care in winter

  • It is not enough snow falls (and this is not less than 15 cm), you can not walk on the lawn.
  • The formation of crust or ice, they need to loosen as they block access of air.
  • impossible to equip the roller on the lawn, since the spring, due to the slow melting of ice, it will lead to a number of problems.

Creation of the lawn with his own hands the matter painstaking and labor-intensive.It will require continuous attention, especially in difficult terrain.Of course, you can alleviate some of the problem by purchasing special equipment to care for them and setting a watering system, but it will require a significant financial investment.Therefore, gardeners often limited to regular mowing lawn consisting of weeds.