Arch wood with their hands

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One of the oldest building structures - arch, has not lost its relevance today.It is used in the design of windows and doors, porches, arbors, or as a decorative element of the garden landscaping.For facilities using various materials, among which is especially popular tree.Consider the advantages of wooden structures, particularly the choice of technology and the creation of an arch with their hands.


  1. advantages of using arches in the interior premises
  2. arches Types: Select the size and shape
  3. choice of material
  4. Internal arch of wood with their hands
    • tools and materials
    • markup and create a template
    • blank boards and assemblyArch
    • finishing
    • installation arch
  5. Installation recommendations ready design
  6. Photos arches of wood in the interior

advantages of using arches in the interior premises

Arches in construction - curved slab spans between two supports or openings inwall.Due to the curved arches, arched structures ca

n withstand heavy loads.

Arches have been applied in each of the historical periods, and in many ways defines the architecture of the buildings of ancient Rome, the XII century European buildings and ancient architecture in the construction of Christian churches.

Today arched design does not lose its elegance and they are often used in the design of living spaces.The main advantages of the use of arches in the apartment include:

  • to avoid standard solutions in the layout of the room;
  • visual expansion / extension and the zoning of the space;
  • ability to hide flaws and angularity of the premises;
  • getting rid of the doors;
  • decorative element - makes the interior of the "flavor", gives the room an elegant and stylish look.

arches Types: Select the size and shape

When choosing the shape and color of the arches is important to consider the design of the room.Often arch done in the color of furniture or as a contrast to the basic design of the room.

Consider the most common forms of arched openings to date.

Classical arch is in the shape of the opening - right circle.This type of arch is considered universal and fits in almost any interior space.Classical arch is optimally suited for door heights of 2.5 meters.The radius of curvature = ½ * width of the opening.

Arch "Ellipse» commonly used in low height of the opening.This solution allows you to personalize the interior and avoid the traditional circles.

arched doorway "Romance» has direct central frame with rounded corners.The radius of the corners of the designer chosen based on the size of the interior space and style.

significant plus design "Romance" - arch does not take much space in the place of curvature, so that it can be used in the regeneration of lower openings

Arch "Portal» - the most simple design, requiring no change in the shape and size of windowsor doorway.Arch can be "mounted" in the rectangular opening.Visually "soften" the perception of work, if a little bend angle design.

Portals, decorated tree, used in offices - an element of status underlines and makes the interior a touch of luxury.In addition, the arch "U" -shaped often used for interior decoration in the style of minimalism and hi-tech.

Arch "Rocker» look equally good in the narrow and in the wide openings.This form arches combined with the door leaf panels and furniture, making the room more refined."Rocker" can be found in the interiors of country style of Provence and the Scandinavian design trends.

Transom - the continuation of the door leaf.This arch has not only a decorative function, and practical - transom passes daylight.Arch repeats any form of door opening, and can be used as an independent element without the door.

Arch in «Modern» - performed with a large radius of the arched opening, the shape of an oval design set the correct form.

Arch "Trapeze» - design with sewing corners.It is used in the interior openings of different width and height.Easy to manufacture, since it does not require complex processing of wood - used straight beams and planks with carvings.

Arches made of wood can be supplemented with side elements - practical shelves, curly patterns or decorative objects (candlesticks, hangers, lights, etc.).

choice of material for the manufacture of

arches suitable trees of different species: larch, oak, pine, linden, ash and others.Here are some guidelines for choosing the raw material that will help build a strong and durable interroom arch.

  1. oak slats - resistant to decay and are ideal for everything wet rooms.A disadvantage of the material - a high cost.
  2. Pine relates to softwood and exposed to moisture, but due to the high content of the resin does not rot.Plus material - availability.Pine arches suitable for interior residential openings.
  3. natural wood can be replaced by thin slabs of MDF - they are easy to use, unpretentious, and the finished product has a decent appearance.MDF can be varnished, shade, or repaint to the desired color.
  4. for Economy Drafts fit chipboard.Arch of chipboard can paste over the decorative film, get exclusive product.
  5. Making arch and perform Veneer - a thin slice of wood.The material looks nice and presentable, resistant to adverse factors (temperature, humidity, sunlight) and is inexpensive.Veneers can be used in the regeneration of the doorway to the kitchen and bathroom.

Internal arch of wood with their hands

Consider, for example, how to make a wooden arch with the following parameters:

  • width - 1500 mm;
  • radius of a circle arch - 750 mm;
  • depth (thickness of the wall) - 160 mm;
  • height of the arch in the assembly - 2300 mm.

principle of creating arched bridges: the main structure is assembled from many small parts - sawn boards along the arc.The length of the pieces can range 400-800 mm.The longer curved beams, so it should be wider.

Tools and materials for the manufacture of

arches made of wood need the following materials and construction equipment:

  • level;
  • pencil and tape measure;
  • big compasses;
  • hacksaw or jigsaw for wood;
  • screwdriver;
  • a sharp knife;
  • hammer or hammer drill;
  • screws;
  • sheet of hardboard or plywood to create a template;
  • Planed boards, calibrated to the gauge (boards of equal thickness - 40 mm);
  • lacquer finishing.

layout and the creation of a template

With the help of a large compass, or two rails and nail to draw a set of arches.When selecting the radius of the circle must be remembered - the deeper the arch, the more difficult its manufacture.Therefore, making the design for the first time should choose a gentle bend.

In developing the drawing, it is important to stick to the rules: the distance from the top of the arch to the ceiling must be at least 30 cm

Thus, the sequence template creation:

  1. On a sheet of hardboard arch raschertit full size with a radius of 750 mm.
  2. Conduct upper arc radius of 790 mm.The centers of the two arcs of circles must be the same.The difference between the two sizes (40 mm - the thickness of the arch bridge).
  3. By marking the arc cut it out.

Harvesting boards and assembly of arch

next phase of the arch - the blank boards:

  1. template attached to the board and draw the upper and lower arch.
  2. drank piece jigsaw.The harvested
  3. vyshkurit detail and process.

inner side of the arc - facade of the arch, so it is necessary to cut especially carefully.The upper edge - not processed.

Cut boards typed the pattern - one joint to another over the entire width of the arch.Initially recruited the first row of bars, and ends parts fit together as precisely as possible.

second row is harvested as the first, but the bars are arranged slightly offset - about ½ part.All of the boards is desirable to number - it will significantly simplify and speed up the assembly process.

  1. bar on the bottom board of the second row and apply adhesive to attach the item to the marked location.
  2. Screw timber screws so that they captured two "layers" arch (on every detail of 4 screws).Caps screws "drown."
  3. The following bar smear glue end and the lower reservoir, tightly pressed to the first row of arches and tortsuem the previous bar.Details of "pull" screws.
  4. Dial the entire second row.All items on the lower edges of the need to accurately align.
  5. Similarly dial a couple of rows.The total thickness of the arch is obtained 160 mm (4 rows of 40 mm).

collected arc is strong enough and does not require additional fastening.


the inner edge of the arch must be well sanded, minor inconsistencies between the rows - vyshkurit.For this work fit with drill grinding attachment or grinder.This treatment will hide "low band" and it would seem that the body is made of solid wood.

Installing arch

setting sequence set:

  1. If the arch is made under the double doors, then you have to pass the lower edge of a quarter of a router.
  2. arched bridges from the upper side to dock with vertical bars of the door frame.Docked ends, twist the box with screws.
  3. to the top of the structure is necessary to make an arched casing - cut it out of the boards (thickness - 12 mm).If one board is not enough, then it can be made up of several elements and joint decorate shaped plate.

Guidelines for assembly of finished construction

If you do not want to spend time on the production of a set, you can buy a ready-made set and collect their own arch.During installation of the finished construction must adhere to certain rules:

  • before use old wooden box should be removed, clean the surface;
  • installation multicomponent arch better to start from the top - it will be easier to adjust the size and fit the product into the doorway;
  • gaps between the arch and the walls can be closed wood, plasterboard, MDF or chipboard;all "rough" material necessary to hide under the finish;
  • when building construction is not necessary to tighten the screws just tight - may need to adjust the arch to the desired position;
  • wooden arch is necessary to handle the antifungal composition.

Photos arches of wood in the interior

large arch with a low bar - an interesting solution that allows you to separate the two functional areas in the apartment: living room and hallway.

Arch "Ellipse" with a capacious bookcase is a harmonious continuation of the interior, executed in white and pink palette.

Arch in the ancient Roman style, it is appropriate to look at a country house, or a large multi-level apartment.

horseshoe-shaped arch frames the entrance to the hall.The side structure is equipped with functional shelves.

Internal arch with spotlights visually expands the space and makes the hall lighter.

doorway decorated with arkoyu transom.Floral patterns on glass enliven a quiet interior room and make the room a feeling of freshness, spring mood.

Classical arch on wooden pillars - the space looks harmonious, refined and elegant.