How to choose a mortise lock

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To protect the door from breaking attackers and the ideal option would be to install mortise lock.Among the huge choice of different mortise locks hard not to get lost.Let's talk about how to choose a quality mortise lock.


  1. general notion of mortice locks
  2. types of mortice locks
  3. Tips on how to choose a mortise lock
  4. Overview manufacturers mortise locks

general notion of mortice locks

Mortise locks are different from the others,that are installed in a specially prepared space of the door - the nest.This ensures greater reliability and safety protection against hacking.

Latch - is an element of the mortise lock, whose main task is to fix door leaf in the closed position.From

amount depends on the reliability of the latches mortise lock.The best option is considered to be the castle with five latches, and most reliable is the castle, which houses seven or eight latches.

Installation advantages mortise locks:

  • security,
  • reliability,
  • ease of installation,
  • popularity,
  • aesthetics,
  • high degree of secrecy.

types of mortice locks

Depending on the secret mechanism mortise locks are divided into:

  • lever,
  • cylinder,
  • transom,
  • electronic,
  • code,
  • smartloki or smart locks.

1. Mortise lock lever is one of the most popular.This castle consists of a number of plates, which are called levers.Turn the key in the lock levers changes the order of alignment and thereby open and close the lock.The higher the number of plates, the stronger the lock.

for the manufacture of keys under the lever locks need to be precise.Each notch on the key approach to determining the plate, which is the guarantor of security and protection against burglary.

Disadvantages lever locks:

  • presence of large keys;
  • well to have a key hole into which the debris falls, which leads to malfunction of the castle;
  • through the keyhole is very easy to spy or eavesdrop;
  • the loss of the key, it is almost impossible to restore new, and have to change completely the whole castle.

2. Mortice cylinder are more sophisticated view of mortise locks for doors.The main part of the core is a cylinder lock or cylinder on which there are pins or needles - plates, which are G-shaped or circular.When opening / closing the lock and turn the whole mechanism of changing the location of the plates.Depending on the number of pin cylinder locks are divided into:

  • locks with a low degree of security,
  • locks with an average degree of security,
  • locks with a high degree of security.

PIN number combinations in the castle with a low degree of security ranging from 10 to 10000. In these locks to open is English or cross key.Advantages: low cost, perfect for interior doors.

cylinder lock having an average degree of security have from 5000 to 5,000,000 different combinations.For these locks use a key card.Advantages - the picking protection.

locks with high security count from 1 million to several billions of secret combinations.They have a fairly high cost.They are made mostly in Germany, Israel, Italy and Switzerland.Benefits - all, including, and not capable of vibrating the master key to break a lock.

3. Lock electromechanical mortise is the pinnacle achievement of the latest technologies.Allocate:

  • transom,
  • electronic,
  • code,
  • smartloki.

transom door locks are called garage.The mechanism of action is to touch the key to the castle and the crossbars, which open the door.

electronic mortise locks and code can reliably protect the premises from burglary.Such locks set as in homes or apartments, and in special areas on ships and even on planes.


  • no need for keys,
  • high degree of safety,
  • use both disposable and permanent passwords,
  • ability to connect to the alarm,
  • remote control.

Disadvantages of electronic mortise locks and code:

  • unstable to moisture and low temperatures,
  • high cost,
  • need for constant power supply,
  • in foreseeing the possibility of breaking the lock code.

Another type of mortise locks is smartlok.Among them are:

  • numeric smartloki,
  • smartloki scanning fingerprint,
  • smartloki access with magnetic cards,
  • smartloki scanning retina,
  • combined smartloki.

In its composition smartloki have a digital display and an opening for a conventional key.Such locks are powered by electricity and have a special battery in case power outages.If the battery is discharged, then this lock is opened using a conventional key.The price of such systems 50 to $ 3500.

Tips on how to choose a mortise lock

1. Clearly define the functions, purpose and location of the castle.Is this a lock for the input or interior doors.When choosing a lock on the front door, the bathroom or toilet, opted for mortise locks with a latch.

2. Mortise lock installation in the wooden door should not occupy more than 70% of the width of the door beams, as this factor affects the wear of the lock and the door as a whole.

3. Take measurements at the door lock to choose the right front bar.

4. Buy a castle in a specialty store, and be sure to ask for a guarantee.So it will be easier to avoid forgery.

5. When buying, ask design, which is designed for mortise lock:

  • sided,
  • left-handed.

6. Ask about the warranty line, and the possibility of replacing the lock, in case of breakage.

7. For the front door is better to choose not one but two castles of mixed type.For example, some suvaldovy and one cylinder.

8. When buying a mortise lock with handle, select the handle according to the material from which it is made to fit perfectly in the lock door.

9. It is better to choose the model of the castle, which is not very popular in the market among consumers.Choose a key or a lock to crack more complicated.

10. Do not try to save on the installation and as the castle, depends on secure, locked location.

11. When choosing outdoor mortise lock should buy locks that are 3 or 4 of the criminal class of stability, which implies resistance to breaking at least 15 minutes.

12. The optimal number of opcodes for Cylinder lock of 12000.

13. When choosing a firm lock note marking or logo of the manufacturer, if the lock no markings, do not buy a castle.

14. When buying Cylinder lock sure to ask the possibility of replacing the cylinder itself.

15. To fit the lock of the wooden door, which has a minimum thickness of the shell, and the shell thickness for the metal is caused by the desired security.Since the thickness of the shell depends on the number of levers, and consequently the degree of secrecy of the castle.

Overview manufacturers mortise locks

high reliability different locks, which are produced in Russia, Germany, Italy, Turkey, Israel and Switzerland.If you choose among inexpensive locks accordingly should focus on China.

Consider Mortice locks the most popular and available manufacturers.

1. Elbor (Russia), a company founded in 1976, is a leader in the production of door locks.Mortice locks Elbor suitable for wood, metal or reinforced doors.The company developed the entire model series and other mortise locks.Castles Party "Granit" are suitable for front doors or safes.These castles are the guarantor of security of the protected premises or property.Series "Spafir" is suvaldovye mortise locks with the presence of 12 plates for protection against hacking.For interior doors are an excellent option locks series "Flint."These locks are easy to install and operate.If you need to install a universal lock range "Basalt" is ideally suited for doors of any sample.Mortise Elbor price: from 15 to 80 $.

2. Brand Apex (Russia) is known for more than 20 years on the market for the production of furniture sets.Mortise Apex is suitable for installation in wood or in metal doors.The company also produces universal locks that are suitable for all types of doors.Locks are designed for metal doors have additional built-in functions:

  • «crab»,
  • high secrecy,
  • protection.

When buying Mortice interior locks have the option to latch or handle.Apex offers a wide range of door handles, which has more than ten kinds, made in different colors.Mortise locks without handles are:

  • fire,
  • latch,
  • without latch.

Mortise lock Apecs price: from 12 to 60 $.

3. The company has been producing the Guardian not only castles, but also doors.Guardian offers mortise locks cylindrical, suvaldovogo and mixed type.Suvaldovye locks have from 5 to 8, the plates that make up to 10,000 different combinations.There is an opportunity to pick up to the castle, armored plates, which will provide additional protection against hacking.Cylinder locks built right, left, and even vertically.There is a function code of the rotor if the key is lost, it is not necessary to replace the entire lock.We only have to replace the built-in rotor.Price from 17 to 75 $.

4. Mottura (Italy) - engaged in the production of locks for over 25 years.The company specializes in the production of metal locks and safe doors.Availability interactive movable floating element ensures the reliability and protection against hacking, and eliminates the possibility of unauthorized production of duplicates.Price: from 60 up to $ 200.

5.Mul-t-lock (Israel) is a world leader in the development and sale of cylinders and locks in more than 100 countries.The company uses the latest developments in the production of locks.Modern technologies allow to produce safe and high-quality cylindrical and mortise locks suvaldovogo type.Different versions of the lock external finishes:

  • polished chrome,
  • matt chrome,
  • nickel,
  • satin,
  • gold.

Price: from 40 up to $ 500.

6. The company KESO (Switzerland) offers a huge selection of not only the castles, but also lock cylinders.The user has the choice of material of which is made the lock and filling, installation of additional functions of protection against hacking.Moisture-proof locks are ideal for outdoor applications.Pina in cylindrical locks are made of solid steel, which guarantees long lines of operation.Price: from 90 to 800 $.

7. Locks brand Kale Kilit (Turkey) differ a good combination of quality and price.Features mortise locks Kale Kilit: OBS series auto safety lock cylinder locks have 4 level security.The lever locks are used pins are made of brass.When you try to open the lock with another key includes an automatic lock.Ability to install additional bronenakladki.At each lock a hologram manufacturer that these products protect against counterfeiting.When faults or marriage, a free replacement lock for five years from the date of purchase.Price: from 18 to 60 $.