Snowthrower Huter sgc 4000 - Features, Specifications, instructions, reviews

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snowthrower Huter sgc 4000 - current model, self-propelled, with a gasoline engine, belongs to the class of semi-professional.You can clear a large area - up to 3000 m2.Mobile, well-managed snowblower, just makes maneuvering in narrow or cluttered areas such as parking lots.


  1. Description snowthrower Huter sgc 4000
  2. Specifications snowthrower Huter sgc 4000
  3. Care snowblower Huter sgc 4000

Description snowthrower Huter sgc 4000

1. The model is built of standard mechanical locking system of the wheels,which makes it easier to maneuver in a small area.Built pins on wheels allow a turn very precisely and in a few seconds.

2. Availability of the manual transmission makes it possible to select the optimum speed for each individual under the layer of snow and terrain.

3. Stability of maneuvering by reverse system.

4. German assembly ensures a long service life, provides the performance and efficiency of cleaning pads.

5. The machine is adapted to the extreme weather conditions.

6. Provides cold start, primer and manual adjustment of the engine speed.

7. The screw is made of heat-treated, mechanically strong steel.

8. The discharge tray and a receiver hopper made of heavy-duty plastic.

9. Work the shaft is mounted on a special double-row bearings, which increases resistance to extreme stresses.

Specifications snowthrower Huter sgc 4000

1. Power 4-stroke, single-cylinder engine of 5.5 liters.p.It provides the performance of the process.

2. Durability and high endurance, thanks to high-quality assembly.

3. Simplicity and comfort in use.

4. Handle adjustment.

5. established large-diameter wheels, which provide a good cross on a complex relief surface.Self-cleaning tread.Excluded slipping on ice.

6. The ability to adjust the distance from the ground to the screw.Running raise or lower boots.

7. The release of a two-stage snow - auger and fan.Turn the chute 180 degrees regulated direction discarding snow.

8. Multi-function model.Suitable for cleaning narrow, small, medium and large sites.It is used both in the home and in the industrial sector.Excellent model for public services.

9. In one passage captures the band width of up to 56 cm bed height from 5 to 42 cm.

10. Tank capacity 3 liters.Enough for 40-90 minutes of continuous operation.

11. Maneuverability provided Number of speeds: 4 front and 2 rear.

Care snowblower Huter sgc 4000

1. Handling after use:

  • off the engine.Aged necessary for its cooling time;
  • machine cleaned after each working process.Provided special brush of medium hardness;
  • removed adhering lumps of snow.Machine wash under running water.Tatters blotted moisture.Allow to dry in a warm room;
  • during long idle equipment poured gasoline from the tank into a special canister.To start the work poured fresh fuel;

  • drained the oil from the crankcase;
  • rags soaked in oil, wipe the metal parts;
  • produce clean spark plugs.Wrenched from their sockets and wipe.Check for dirt;
  • poured into the spark plug hole a small portion of the engine oil.Hole cover slowly crank the engine.If possible, use a cord handle housing;
  • spark back into place.Screwing the cap without connecting cable;
  • leave the car in the dry heat of the garage, not on a flat smooth area.It follows that the engine was in a horizontal position.

2. What if the engine will not start:

  • checks for gasoline.If necessary, top up and made the start;

  • a full tank, the cause of failure, can serve as a low-quality or old gasoline.Merges all the fuel.Pours fresh;
  • a full tank of fresh fuel, the engine will not start, in the case of high-voltage wires unconnected.Check the quality of the connection;
  • a full tank of fresh fuel, the engine will not start, in case of improper position of the fuel tap.