Snowthrower Huter sgc 8100 - Features, Specifications, instructions, reviews

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snowblower Huter sgc 8100 with electric start working from 220V.It is used for cleaning large areas of fresh, icy or heavy snow.Fuel tank allows you to work long hours without refueling.


  1. Description snowthrower Huter sgc 8100
  2. Guide snowplow Huter sgc 8100

Description snowthrower Huter sgc 8100

1. Robust model.High-quality assembly.

2. Designed for use in small, medium and large areas.

3. Lightweight and maneuverable model.It is taking place in the narrow places.Good clean sidewalks, paths, places along borders.

4. a 4-stroke engine with a single cylinder.Quiet, with economical fuel consumption and low exhaust.

5. The model is completely adapted to work in extreme conditions.

6. Easy maintenance.

7. Fast start, thanks to the launch of the electric network.

8. Good processes in one pass the territory of the unusual, the original configurations.Swath width 56 cm.

9. Baffle made of quality plastic, antistatic, which preve

nts the build-up of snow.

10. Increased flexibility is achieved by unlocking the wheels.The machine makes a tight turning radius and easy bypasses subjects.This is especially important when working on the car parks.

11. Adjustable range of ejection lever.Access to the details of the free.The lever is located in an easily accessible area of ​​comfort for the operator.

12. A metal screw is made of high-quality heat-treated steel.Covered with anticorrosive.The strength of the screw allows undermine the layer of ice, ice crust or snow slezhalogo with the same capacity.

13. In the absence of power supply run is performed manually.

14. There halogen lamp lighting.No time limit for work in the dark.

15. There are 5 forward and 2 reverse speeds.This gives the operator the opportunity to choose the optimal speed for complex terrain.

16. For operator comfort handles are heated.

17. The height of the snow layer to grip - 54 cm.

18. Engine power 11 l.p.

Guide snowplow Huter sgc 8100

1. Proper use Huter sgc 8100:

  • machine must be used for its functional purpose - to clean and smooth the surface of the solid layer of snow;
  • for proper operation prior to the start, carefully read the data sheet and instructions to the machine.Extra knowledge does not happen;
  • returning the car rental instruct the user about the new features of the car, possible defects at startup.Transfer with the machine instructions of use;
  • operator shall not operate a self-propelled vehicle while intoxicated or weakened disease state.Any machine requires clarity and accurate motion;

  • use of the machine puts the obligation on the operator to observe basic traffic rules;
  • recommended when working to protect the face, eyes and hands of the operator.Buy the usual safety glasses, work x / cotton gloves;
  • is not necessary to stop the rotating parts snowthrower hand.Do not immediately touch the metal work items.Friction and rotate them heated to a high temperature, can burn the skin;
  • using the machine on slopes, put a little speed.Pre-track survey on the lack of ice crust;
  • not allowed to fill the fuel tank when the engine is hot or running.Refuel the engine outdoors only;
  • is not necessary to change the factory own design or parts of the machine as a whole;
  • replacement parts to produce original parts;
  • before each start up, check for loose connections parts, tightening bolts and nuts;
  • in the absence of specific knowledge not undertake car repairs, contact the service;
  • transport snowthrower to the garage, the car settles in the open air before full cooling of the engine.

2. Causes Problems Engine:

  • if the engine does not start, check the availability of gasoline, its freshness.In the first case, add fuel.In the second case, to change the fresh fuel;
  • if not start the engine, and petrol is in the tank, fresh, open and closed fuel valve.Check the connection of high-voltage wires to the spark plug, put the cap on the spark plug;
  • irregular operation of the engine - check the contacts on the candle.Inspect the air filter is clogged, or maybe it is very dirty.