Snowthrower IKRA Mogatec - model description, characteristics, differences reviews

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IKRA Mogatec German company is known as a responsible supplier of reliable equipment.Brand snow tools designed for use in private and commercial scale.Models range IKRA Mogatec used as a power supply electric energy or refueled.


  1. Description light self-propelled models snowplows IKRA Mogatec
  2. Features propelled petrol models snowplows IKRA Mogatec

Description light self-propelled models snowplows IKRA Mogatec

self-propelled models have in common: a semi-Class, the average price,intended for cleaning small areas and tracks.Power supply - an electric current.

models Advantages: low noise, consistent level of environmental Euro II.Disadvantages models are designed to remove the freshly fallen snow.

1. snowthrower IKRA Mogatec BSF 4620. Dumb electric model.Engine power 2 kW is sufficient for cleaning the strip widths of 46 cm and a height of 30 cm. Light weight - 16 kg, easy operation.Hand-start system helps to start at any lower t

emperature.The auger transmission, gives the opportunity to collect fresh snow in one pass.Throwing distance up to 8 meters.

2. snowthrower IKRA Mogatec BSF 6020 - a novelty from the German manufacturer.Motor power of 2000 W will be enough to perform complex processes, the average duration of the cleaning pads.Increased compared with the previous model, the band width of 60 cm, will reduce the clearance, process a large surface area.

Screw improved and obrezinena, allowing safely use snowthrower BSF 6020 for sensitive surfaces to mechanical stress.For example, pavement tiles made of ceramic, asphalt surface.Remote control of the machine makes it simple and easy adjustment of the output.Moving snowthrower is due to the rotation of the screw.The compact design and small dimensions make it difficult to store and not the selection of the storage location.You do not need a special isolation room.

3. snowthrower IKRA Mogatec BSF 4016. The lightest model snowplow in the lineup, the net weight of 13.5 kg.Used for trimming small, narrow, inaccessible areas, areas near the houses, places for parking.The machine frame is made of durable plastic with increased resistance to shock.Release of snow due to adjustable chute made of 180 degrees.The machine is displayed on the cover.

Features propelled petrol models snowplows IKRA Mogatec

main advantage of self-propelled models, compared with dumb - is an opportunity to clear the thick crust of snow.No attachment to a power source, early enough to fill the tank with fuel.Can be used on areas remote from habitation.

1. snowblower IKRA Mogatec BSF 6107. The model with a gasoline engine.New on the market snowplows.4-stroke engine is adapted to the harsh winter conditions.Simple and fast startup is carried out using elektrostratera.The advantage of the model - low noise during operation at full engine power, endurance and efficiency.Compared with other models BSF 6107 is lighter, but better mobility and maneuverability on narrow footpaths.

2. snowthrower IKRA Mogatec BSF 7111. Model premium, designed for professional use.Used to clean the snow and cleaning medium and very large areas.Passing capture strip up to 75 cm, bed height 60 cm - is the ability to remove high snowdrifts and successfully clear the area after a snow storm.BSF 7111 showed excellent results and productivity in cleaning of territories in the private and industrial sectors.Great weight of 138 kg, gives a good load pressure on the ground.The layer of snow is removed in a single pass, without re wire machine.Powerful engine adapted to the load and low temperatures.Turning control chute made a special lever, located in the comfortable zone of reach of the operator.Interval ejection from 3 to 12 meters allows the use of the car in the territory of public and child care.