Domestic snow-plow Stiga snow - model description, characteristics, differences reviews

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Model cleans snow of varying density and height on the volume and the average area of ​​a smooth, rugged and difficult terrain.Extended functionality, thanks to a powerful worm gear to collect the snow mass and special universal impeller, providing a range drop weight.


  1. Description snowplow Stiga snow
  2. Lineup snowthrower Stiga snow

Description snowplow Stiga snow

1. snow machines Stiga snow is produced and collected in the United States.

2. The main advantage of the machine - high functionality, quality assembly, saving on maintenance.

3. width 56 cm - increases process performance, reduces by 21% the time required to clear the territory, compared to similar models from other brands.

4. a modern defense system security at jamming the auger is automatically stopping the engine.Safety gear from breakage.

5. Change the direction and distance of a snow jet ejection comfortable and convenient operator panel may be using the driv


6. The switch allows you to vary the change speeds without disengaging the clutch.

7. Powerful high-quality gasoline engine GGP SM70.It has high efficiency, long service life, adapted to regional varieties of fuel.

8. Teeth auger optimal thickness of durable material.Excellent undermine packed, icy crust.Resistant to bending and mechanical stress.

9. intakes fitted shoes.The ability to adjust the height.

10. Control knob for adjusting the height, direction, and stop screw.Comfortable quick maneuvering, the change of power cleaning without interrupting your workflow.

11. The screw with cast gear drive.Eliminates clogging of foreign objects, damage due to jamming.A higher mechanical stability than the models with another kind of connection.

12. Removing intake of debris and foreign objects using the convenient purification of the blade.

13. Long life, the guide casing, made possible by the construction materials.To produce high-quality parts used heat-treated steel.

14. Tyres with special tread Snow Hog for guaranteed grip on a slippery surface is further covered with chains.Wheels with a diameter of 13 provide easy transport and rapid movement of the machine on snow-covered surfaces.

15. Located on the left hand lever allows the operator to quickly adjust the range of emission snowpack up to 9 kg.

16. Differential manual.

17. The engine and gearbox are protected against overload a special fastening screw shear bolts.

18. Transmission manual.Ability to install 5 front and 2 reverse speeds.

19. Most of the mass of 76 kg makes it possible to clean the surface quality in a single pass.

Lineup snowthrower Stiga snow

1. snow machines Stiga snow Patrol:

  • driving force of the car professionally powerful 4-stroke engine 4.8 kW.Overhead valves.This ensures a long service life and savings on maintenance and replacement of components;
  • air cooling through a unique system allows you to operate the machine longer than similar models from other brands;
  • economical fuel consumption, low noise, environmentally friendly Euro III;
  • steel screw, gear.Cuts thick snow and delivers it to the divided state to the impeller;
  • aisle width (swath) to 55 cm. The height of the layer to 40 cm;
  • wheel 12 inches.Tread SnowHog - good grip on icy surfaces.

2. snowthrower Stiga snow Fox:

  • unlike the model Patrol, is equipped with an electric starter to start the engine in the cold;
  • engine power 7.5 HP will allow qualitatively clear the large and medium-sized area of ​​the fresh layer of snow and dense;
  • aisle width, or width of the auger 51 cm less than the previous model.The ability to clear the area, cluttered objects;
  • large 13 inch wheels.Tyres with a tread pattern for snow.High adhesion to the surface of the ice;
  • high permeability, smooth ride;
  • maximum range of 10m release.