Lawn Mowers Stiga combi - model description, characteristics, differences reviews

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Lawn Stiga combi machines are not just for lawn care, but also for the bevel herbs, fresh hay harvesting.The models are in demand in the private farms, as they have cost many orders of magnitude lower than that of large agricultural machinery.Equally popular Stiga combi units for the conduct of the estate landscape and lawn care, golf courses, park lawns.


  1. Description Gasoline lawn mowers Stiga combi
  2. Description electric lawn mowers Stiga combi

Description Gasoline lawn mowers Stiga combi

General advantages range petrol models: agility, high-performance processing of large areas with hard and soft vegetation.Gasoline Lawn Stiga combi units worked well when mowing and mulching grass in the fields.

1. Gazonokositel Stiga combi Collector 43:

  • capture a broad band of 43 cm mower produces effortlessly sos the operator.This helps installed on the machine a powerful engine aircraft in 4 hpand a sharp knife;
  • possible to adjust the
    cutting height with the same productivity allows clean wild and cultivated bushes or grass shoots.Correction parameters manually.Just move the wheel assembly to the desired height;
  • mower is equipped with a special plastic bag to collect cut grass up to 60 l .;
  • the original location of the grass-catcher at the rear, a large amount of his time-saving cleaning and do not distract from the task work;
  • handle made with ergonomically adjustable in height.Installation is by twisting the wing bolts.

2. Gazonokositel Stiga combi Collector 46 SH:

  • model has a material body.It is made of solid steel;
  • engine Honda GCV 4-stroke, powerful, fast start up at low or high temperatures.It allows you to operate the machine with a full load;
  • universal container for the collection of grass clippings with a volume of 55 liters and mulching function.Simultaneous removal and composting saves money and time;
  • has several modes of cutting;
  • unit is characterized by an increased resistance to rollover, perform complex maneuvers.This is possible thanks to the particular shape of the rear wheels are slightly larger in diameter than the front;
  • great for this type of machine weight of 28 kg.It does not interfere with rapid transportation and movement of the mower.

3. Mower Stiga combi 53 SQB:

  • engine power of self-propelled machines over 6 hp .;
  • metal enclosure - Heavy-duty steel.Provides protection of the internal structure, saves the engine from mechanical damage;
  • rear-drive unit gives the unit high maneuverability, speed, overcoming obstacles, ease of management;
  • unlike previous models introduced in 53 SQB all 4 functions rear, side discharge, the accumulation of cut grass, mulching grass mass;
  • capture a wide strip of 50 cm, the adjustment process haircuts at 6 positions allow the benefits of using the unit for larger venues.

4. What's New models Stiga combi - Excel 55 and Excel S4Q H 55 SQ B BBC:

  • rear-wheel drive models, self-propelled.Experts reckon them to an elite functional and efficient line of lawn mowers;
  • ergonomic handle is made with anatomical accuracy.Do not give tired and overstrained the operator's hand in the processing of large areas;
  • ball bearing wheels allow to make a soft and smooth forward and reverse cross-country;
  • special cleaning knife while the water jet;
  • multifunction models.Performs 4 types of work: mowing / haircut, warehousing cuttings in a bag, mulching mass garbage grass to one side or backward motion.

Description electric lawn mowers Stiga combi

Benefits models:

  • low noise,
  • high environmental,
  • low price compared to petrol model line of lawn mowers Stiga combi.

general lack of models attached to a source of electrical current.

1. Model Stiga combi Collector 40E:

  • unit is designed to handle small areas, grassy medium hardness of the stem;
  • optimum power 1400 W, sufficient to carry a small amount of chores;
  • easy adjustment of the height of mowing grass from 2.5 to 6.5 cm using the shift of wheels;
  • to collect grass is made of rigid plastic container;
  • handles with ergonomic controls are made to the form;
  • large-diameter wheels, providing easily walkable and normal movement of the bush;
  • provided on the housing ribs, additional security measure wheel mounts;
  • cable is securely fixed and held at a safe distance from the cutting elements.

2. Model Stiga combi 36 AE:

  • representative of the series is a popular compact unit for private use;
  • intended for use by small gardens and lawns;
  • compact design makes it hard to handle large equipment space: the trees, along the border, inside the arches between the bushes;
  • narrow width of 34 cm does not prevent the car show high productivity.