Garden shredders VIKING (Viking) - model description, characteristics, differences reviews

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Garden shredders VIKING used for recycling of natural waste.Their cutting system recycles waste and grassy dry branches.The resulting pomelo is an excellent organic fertilizer.Actual use of the equipment for cleaning suburban area and garden.


  1. How to choose a garden shredder
  2. electric garden shredders VIKING
  3. Petrol garden shredders VIKING

How to choose a garden shredder

Crushers - the equipment that helps reduce the amount of garden and garden debris.

When you select the device you need to pay attention to the following indicators:

  • type and engine power,
  • knife cutting system,
  • protective mechanisms,
  • the reverse,
  • size and shape of a funnel for supplying litter,
  • weight and dimensions of the equipment.

Garden shredders working on two types of engines:

1. The electric motor up to 3 kW allows processing branches up to 4 cm in diameter. Move the unit is limited by the length of the cord.It is suitable for cleaning

areas up to 15 hectare.

2. Gasoline analogue power up to 8 kW is able to grind virtually any kind of garden waste.Among the shortcomings of such equipment: high cost, the need for mixing fuel and noise during operation.

system is circular knives and milling.The first type is suitable for the processing of herbaceous litter and small bars, the second - to cope with dry twigs.

When selecting a shredder, look for the presence of the self-locking system and a pusher for disposal.

most convenient to use a funnel for supplying litter conical or inclined toward.

Availability reverse allows you to extract the material, who scored the cutting system.

When selecting large equipment give preference to models with wheels and adjustable height.This will facilitate the operation and movement of the vehicle on the territory of the region.

electric garden shredders VIKING

Viking Company sells its equipment through a network of specialized dealers.

Its range of garden shredders presented cutting and crumbling models on gasoline and an electric motor.ARTICLE GE in the title of equipment defines its work on the network, GB - gasoline counterpart.

VIKING GE 35 L - Electroblender force is 2.5 kW at a frequency of handling a knife to 40 / min.It is used for the processing of weeds, leaves and branches up to 3.5 cm.

VIKING GE 35 L supports reverse cutting system.The tool weighs 28 kg and is equipped for easy movement of the wheels.The maneuverability is limited by a 15 m cord. Suitable for cleaning small gardens.The cost of the device is 560 USD

models VIKING GE 103, GE 105 and GE 150 cut soft and solid material into smaller pieces.The equipment operates on the power of their engines ranging from 1.8 to 2.5 kW.

shredders are equipped with cutting system Sandwich.Upon rotation of 2800 rev / min they recycle branches with a diameter of 3 - 3.5 cm.

less powerful machine VIKING GE 103 will cost 290 USD, while the GE 150 - 440 USD.

Universal VIKING GE 250 and GE 260 cope with the spreading branches and thick 3 cm, and the soft grass.It works equipment from the electric motor power of 2.5 kW.Features of the model is the technology of cutting Multi-Cut 250. The material initially crushed and then cut into pieces.Sandwich design operates with a low noise level up to 105 dB.

Garden shredders are equipped with an inclined hopper.The system is a touch switch.They are supposed to be protected from splashes when loading rubbish and automatic start mechanism for failures of the network.

Cost VIKING GE 250 and GE 260 is 530 - 550 USD

more powerful generalists are Electroblender GE 355, GE 375, GE 420 and GE 450.

Unlike models of GE 250 and GE 260, they cut branches up to 5.5 cm in diameter, but also develop a 2800 r / min.

VIKING GE 355 and GE 375 are equipped with an electromechanical protection switching.Their average price of 700 USD

Garden shredders GE 420 and GE 450 has a number of features:

  • switch «One Click / One Turn», which is located on the front of the case,
  • chamber system for efficient grinding of hard and soft material,
  • built-in tool for fastmaintenance of the equipment.

Their cost varies depending on the model from 1240 to 1360 USD

Petrol garden shredders VIKING

for cleaning areas remote from the mains power applied to the gasoline engine choppers.Such equipment is powerful and, unlike electrical analogs is not limited to moving the wire length.

Viking Company provides its customers with three models of shredders on the petrol engine:

1. VIKING GB 370 with a capacity of 3.3 kW for the processing of branches up to 3.5 cm in diameter. Its cost in 1200 USD

2. VIKING GB 460 with the same engine power ground litter of up to 6 cm.

3. VIKING GB 460 C are equipped with a powerful 6.6 kW engine and cope with branches up to 15 cm radius.

All petrol shredders have VIKINGa running gear and a built-in tool.

models GB 460 and GB 460 price in 2000 - 2200 $also equipped:

  • two-chamber system,
  • hinged hopper,
  • pneumatic tires, switch «One Click / One Turn».